1. iMore Question's Avatar
    My phone doesn't play purchased ringtones. I have an iPhone 5s, with IOS 9.0.1 software.

    I've assigned a purchased ringtone for text messages, but the sound that comes through is the default sound. I've reassigned different sounds, they all work, except for purchased ones. Also, tried to reboot, that doesn't fix the issue.
    09-29-2015 03:28 PM
  2. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Where are your purchased ringtones residing? in iTunes? Are they in the sounds folder and did you sync the phone? Icon of these are NO then correct it first and try again.

    Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes if you decide to o with my advice.
    If you wish to wait for a few more answers then that will be good as well. Good luck.
    09-29-2015 03:44 PM

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