1. grlam's Avatar
    Received high temp warning when walking in 32 degree weather...windchill probably made it 25 degrees. Happened twice...after second time I shut down the phone. Restarted after my exercise walk (90 minutes) and it seems to working okay. Haven't had it outside to test it.

    A problem or an anomaly?
    01-05-2015 01:39 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Probably an anomaly... but if it happens again, and you have AppleCare - I'd make use of it.
    01-05-2015 01:50 PM
  3. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    You say it happened as you were exercising? Where exactly was the device?
    01-05-2015 02:35 PM
  4. Helvitis's Avatar
    Same thing has been happening to my 5 and 5s after iOS 8 update, had it in the car in 30 degree weather and have to wait because i get that stupid temp warning
    01-08-2015 02:15 PM

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