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    I have an iPhone 5s that was formerly on AT&T, that I have reset once I moved to an iPhone 6. The iPhone 5s still has its SIM.

    My daughter has an iPhone 5 also on AT&T.

    She wants the 5s - can I just take out her SIM, put it in the 5s, and restore her latest backup to the 5s? Or do I have to call AT&T for an activation?

    12-13-2014 07:53 PM
  2. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    Yup, you sure can.

    Once it's restored just make sure she goes into settings - messages to make sure iMessage is activated.
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    12-13-2014 08:28 PM
  3. donawalt's Avatar
    Thank you!
    12-14-2014 04:43 AM
  4. donawalt's Avatar
    Sorry for the one last follow up question, as I am now thinking I will do this differently.
    In the past, I reset the phone, then when it was time to give to a relative, I turned it on to the Hello/Hola screen, and started it up and did all the steps at once inclluding restore from iTunes or iCloud.

    I actually turned the phone on again yesterday though, and WITHOUT signing in to anything, brought it up - because I wanted to save the time of updating to the newest version of iOS. So now it's now in a generic state on WiFi but no cell phone carrier or iCloud.

    Will this work, or should I just reset the phone again and do as I have in the past? --->

    1. Backup old iPhone 5 (new phone is iPhone 5s) to iCloud
    2. Take SIM from old phone, put in new phone
    3. Turn on new phone - should see AT&T service now working
    4. Sign on to iCloud on new phone
    5. Restore backup from iCloud on new phone

    Will this work?
    12-19-2014 07:26 AM
  5. wenrob's Avatar
    Not sure I understand the first part of your follow up question but the steps you listed in the second part is exactly how you should do it.
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    12-19-2014 11:25 AM
  6. donawalt's Avatar
    Thanks wenrob, what I wasn't too clear on, is in the proposed second part, the phone is already setup and running on iOS 8.x, the latest; but not signed on to anything. In the first part, it's like a brand new phone out of the box, saying "Hello" - I always did the restore of a backup as part of working through th steps after Hello, instead of restoring a backup to a running phone. Is that clearer?
    12-19-2014 12:44 PM
  7. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    You can only restore a backup of a running phone using iTunes.

    The iCloud restore has to be in the setup process, otherwise you'd just be starting as new.
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    12-19-2014 01:05 PM
  8. donawalt's Avatar
    Ah ok, thanks Heisenberg!
    12-19-2014 01:23 PM

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