1. Manny13840's Avatar
    Do i really need one on? My screen protector messed up thinking just gonna go naked with a mophie case of course
    08-25-2014 06:29 PM
  2. zerog46's Avatar
    Personal choice. Go for it.
    08-25-2014 06:51 PM
  3. Manny13840's Avatar
    Personal choice. Go for it.
    Do you have a screen protector on?
    08-25-2014 06:57 PM
  4. zerog46's Avatar
    Yup I use them on everything. I have the Zagg glass on my iPhones and iPads. To me it's worth the expense. If I never get a scratch then I also good.
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    08-25-2014 07:35 PM
  5. Jeremy Eric Hendrix's Avatar
    It's a personal choice. I see a lot of people who have screen protectors on everything. Then, there are people like me who don't use them at all.
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    08-25-2014 10:03 PM
  6. Beyond Fire's Avatar
    I never use screen protectors and I never get scratches. For me they are a waste of money.

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    08-25-2014 10:09 PM
  7. larsonage's Avatar
    I use them. I have Zagg Glass on my iPhone. I'm thinking about getting one for my iPad. Do you drop your phones at all? If so I would say get a screen protector. One time I took my screen protector off. A hour later I dropped my keys right on the screen. I was so mad at myself.
    08-25-2014 10:33 PM
  8. Shawn Schrader's Avatar
    i just wanna share a personal experience with my iphone, i came back inside from a walk and i sat my phone on floor for minute i have wide open space under where i hang my jackets etc, i sat my phone down my headphones the prong part fell down and hit my screen. i had a cheapo screen protector on it and my screen has a very small but visible scratch on it. ever since that i use a tech armor ballastic glass screen protector i got for like 12 bucks on amazon. if you do use one spend lil extra dont get the cheapo sticky ones get a glass. i regret not having it because i have major issues when i see scratch on my device it pisses me off even if its not hardly visible but i know its there so ya :-X
    08-25-2014 11:12 PM
  9. nikkisharif's Avatar
    I say get one. I have a Zagg glass & it doesn't take away from the screen at all. I use a screen protector not to protect my screen from scratches but to protect it from shattering if dropped. I've had several saves lol
    08-26-2014 02:11 AM
  10. iHButt's Avatar
    Get it ASAP

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    08-26-2014 11:53 AM
  11. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    Never used one...never will.
    08-26-2014 12:23 PM
  12. John Yester's Avatar
    /\ And he does not use cases either!
    08-26-2014 12:38 PM
  13. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    No cases or screen protectors for me. Screen protectors suck. All of them. Doesn't matter to me what great experiences people have with them. I like the rich display I get on my phones without screen protectors. Period.
    08-26-2014 01:21 PM
  14. pr1nce's Avatar
    I've never used one and never will.
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    08-26-2014 01:27 PM
  15. taz323's Avatar
    Never purchased or needed one.
    08-26-2014 01:43 PM
  16. Manny13840's Avatar
    Well i had a zagg glass but always had dust or specs behind the screen protector.. So i just went to get a cheap one for $15 and they installed it free installation was ok only 2 tiny tiny specs but i have to start living with it and stop spending on screen protectors... I had to get 3 zagg glasses because people from best buy never knew how to install them correctly without a spec behind the screen protector or tiny hair type things... I should go back and make them re install it but im super anal with that but need to learn just to ignore the specs seems it happens all the time i suck at installing the protectors but just need the protector for peace of mind im starting to learn if there is a tiny spec just to ignore it and think iphone 6 is coming out in a few weeks
    08-26-2014 03:12 PM
  17. zerog46's Avatar
    I'm the same way. I go into the bathroom put the shower on hot and it keeps all the dust down. I use a tape lint roller on my device right before I put on the screen protector.
    08-26-2014 08:41 PM
  18. Honey Beagle's Avatar
    I had one on my 4s iPhone but the protector was getting old and blemished. So I removed the protector and never put another on. So all four of my iPhones and both iPads do not have protectors on them. Just body protectors,

    Sent from my iPad 4 128GB
    08-26-2014 08:52 PM
  19. Not Quite Right's Avatar
    I'm surprised no ones ever asked this before ...
    08-27-2014 01:50 AM
  20. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    /\ And he does not use cases either!
    I've actually been using my Apple black leather case lately...for no other reason than to keep this 5S pristine for sales purposes next month.
    08-27-2014 01:52 AM
  21. agalaria's Avatar
    I've never used one and never will.
    Same here
    08-27-2014 04:42 AM
  22. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I always use a screen protector. I learned with my iPhone 3GS. I neglected to out one on and I scratched the screen with my earrings.

    I always use a screen and a case.

    Two days ago I dropped my iPhone face down on concrete. Luckily my phone was in the Apple leather case and it was protected. Accidents hapoen and I don't want my baby damaged.
    08-27-2014 06:32 AM
  23. doctordwaynewilliams's Avatar
    I have used screen protectors, but I currently don't have one on my phone now. I'm not sure how necessary they are if you have a case in your phone. My ex wife doesn't use a screen protector and she is very careless with her iPhone. She throws it in her purse. She drops it all the time. She never cleans it. But even still, there really aren't any noticeable scratches on her screen. I would say that's pretty good. And of all the smartphones that I have ever owned, I have never had a scratch on my screen whether I have had a screen protector on it or not. I would say this though, if you opt for one of those wallet cases like the BookBook case. I would say get one. I had the BookBook case and it started to strip the oleophobic coating in the area where the id holder touched the screen. Other than that I don't think that it is necessary.
    08-27-2014 07:26 AM
  24. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I use to wonder the same thing until one day the Sun hit my Blackberry 8330 just right and I could see all the microscopic scratches. I've been using screen protectors ever since. I have tried many different brands and finally setteled on the Zagg brand, I'm currently using Zagg Glass and it's the best experience yet. I'm also using Zagg Invisible Shield HD on the back for scratch protection while still showing off the GOLD....SMILE
    08-27-2014 07:56 AM
  25. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    I used no screen protector on my iPhone 4. I did see a very small scratch that was barely noticeable. You had to look real close. I use an Otterbox with the built in protector on my 5. But if I used a case without it built in, I would not put anything on the screen.

    Sent from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5
    08-27-2014 08:41 AM
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