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    What model Bose headphones do you have? I have the MIE2i and the inline controls haven't worked with any Android I've tried.

    The IR blaster is a cool feature but totally wasted on me as I only turn my TV on about once every 2 weeks!
    I too have the MIE2i model and they've always worked. There are different models, though. Some say they're compatible with Android and BlackBerry, others say they're compatible with Apple products. I bought the Apple compatible model and ironically, they're universally compatible. I've had them replaced by Bose several times because they tend to break around the one year mark (though Bose always replaces them without), so I don't know with what model they're replaced with each time, but they always work without an issue. Do you recall with model you purchased? It should've said on the front of the box.

    The IR Blaster is a total gimmick to most people, but I have 24 kidney stones, so TV plays a large part in my life.
    07-20-2014 08:53 PM
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