1. Evaldas A's Avatar
    Hey there !
    Im new member and just got my first ever iphone , its 5s, its good, i like it ... but i have one problem ...by accident i deleted few voice memos , on itunes (on this phone) shows they r still there but i cant play them, and i dont have them on my phone, any ideas how to recover them ? its very important for me ! thanks !
    02-25-2014 11:26 AM
  2. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    Do you mean the voice memos show on your phone through the "Music" app?
    02-25-2014 01:31 PM
  3. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    I can't understand the question being asked.
    02-25-2014 01:43 PM
  4. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    First of all Welcome as a new member to iMore. The onny thing I get is they are on your phone but they wont play. The part on iTunes I don't get. Try rebooting your phone by holding down the power and home button until the Apple logo appears and let them go. When it finishes try and play them and see if that works. Anything else get back to us and we will try and help.
    02-25-2014 04:53 PM
  5. pr1nce's Avatar
    Try rebooting your device. Welcome to iMore.
    02-25-2014 05:07 PM
  6. Evaldas A's Avatar
    Hey and thanks for a warm welcome and your help i will try to explain a bit better
    I recorded few voice memos on my i5s , then i deleted them so no more voice memos on my phone, but when im connecting my i5s trough usb with my pc, and pressing button "On this phone" these deleted memos appears on iTunes, but i cant play them but they r not on my phone coz i deleted them sorry if this is confusing, i could upload screen shots of my phone and iTunes !
    02-26-2014 09:39 AM

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