1. LanceStoltz's Avatar
    Hi there, does anybody else have problems with Facebook? So, I was playing game (Band Stars, Angry Bird Go) and chat a little on Facebook. The phone quickly heats up and battery drains like crazy. With just the game, it rarely heats up this way. So I tried turning off the games and just chat and browse Facebook, and the phone continues to heat up. It heats up till my fingers and palm sweat and gets really uncomfortable. I don't know if it was Facebook's problem but I guess it is. Battery/internet/sync problem is really fiddly to pin point the source of issue.
    I searched the internet a bit for a fix and disabled all exchange accounts and iCloud syncing. Still the problem persists.
    A little help here or share your experience as well.
    12-14-2013 03:50 AM
  2. itsmemuffins's Avatar
    It could be any of the above. Try restarting the phone to clear a stuck process. If that doesn't help to a hard reboot (holding power and home button together until the Apple logo appears).
    12-14-2013 04:43 AM
  3. LanceStoltz's Avatar
    I tried hard reboot and it did cool down quickly when I turn off 3G. I think I've come to terms that doing anything with 3G will heat up the phone. As long as there is no heat warning pop up, it's normal I guess. I played bloodmasque for an hour with 3G on and 100%. After an hour I am left with 50% and a very hot phone, but still no heat warning so I guess it's fine. Is it normal to drain 50% playing graphic intense game for an hour?
    12-14-2013 10:59 AM
  4. itsmemuffins's Avatar
    It's normal for the phone to get warm and it's also normal for it to drain faster on graphically intensive games. Also if you are in a marginal 3G area the battery will drain more and the phone will be warmer for it.

    What's not normal is for the phone to get so hot that's its uncomfortable to hold. If you are near an Apple Store you could book a Genius appointment and they could check your battery.
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    12-14-2013 12:08 PM
  5. majermi's Avatar
    Facebook on my new iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.4 crash immediately after launch :-( so it is another FB problem, on my iP5 it worked propertly, new iphone 5s, restore from iCloud = FB is crashing
    01-06-2014 10:45 AM
  6. mark5019's Avatar
    ive had no probs with fb so far very happy with my phone
    01-07-2014 06:35 PM

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