1. Infiniti7's Avatar
    using my phone this morning and i went to multi task and the phone sort of froze and wouldn't respond for 10 seconds then crashed to the apple logo. it restarted and is working great now. any thoughts?
    11-17-2013 03:30 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    It happens on occasion... if it becomes frequent, and you can identify and replicate how and when it happens, demonstrating it to an AppleGenius would likely lead to a replacement device.
    11-17-2013 03:40 PM
  3. Infiniti7's Avatar
    just replaced it due to the id sensor. my other 5s did it sometimes as well. is it software or hardware usually?
    11-17-2013 03:48 PM
  4. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    I found that doing a restore as new eliminated that problem for me. It would happen every so often, which was too often for me, and I restored as new.
    11-17-2013 04:14 PM
  5. EmceeGeek's Avatar
    My first 5s did this frequently but I haven't had much of that happening with the new one I have. However, my phone did not want to turn on the other day after the screen had been locked. That was strange.

    Did you already get a replacement before?

    Sent from my iPhone 5S using Tapatalk
    11-17-2013 06:49 PM
  6. jonsigler's Avatar
    This happens nearly daily for me
    11-20-2013 12:49 PM
  7. Infiniti7's Avatar
    how did u fix the problem?
    11-20-2013 09:28 PM
  8. panjwani's Avatar
    unfortunately no fix yet but i hope apple has taken a note of this and hopefully resolve soon ((
    11-21-2013 02:11 AM
  9. trmoney24's Avatar
    happening every so often with me as well. never happened on my 5. some people think its because a lot of apps aren't 64-bit yet, so something weird happens to cause it to crash. i can't seem to pinpoint it. though it happens most of the time in 3rd party apps, it has happened in stock apps as well, like messages, etc.
    11-22-2013 03:43 PM

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