1. Kyle McQueeney's Avatar
    Anyone have any idea if the black tape is a thermal strip on the metal plate between the actual screen for the Iphone 5s and the other internal components? The strips is on the reverse side of the metal plate that is against the screen, but would be over the A7 chip and other components. This makes me assume thermal strip, anyone know for sure?
    11-08-2013 12:27 PM
  2. iEd's Avatar
    Did you take a 5s apart or something?

    #Naked Tuesday
    11-08-2013 12:41 PM
  3. Kyle McQueeney's Avatar
    Did you take a 5s apart or something?

    #Naked Tuesday
    Yes, yes I did. Now I'm just curious as to what its exact purpose is. I assume thermal, though it is strange that it's on the screen side of the metal.
    11-08-2013 12:56 PM
  4. iEd's Avatar
    Go to ifixit.com they should have that info. Or Google iPhone 5s tear down. I've seen sites that have all the guts listed and the purpose.

    #Naked Tuesday
    11-08-2013 01:03 PM
  5. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    Every site that does a tear down (including iMore's own) just lists it as "tape" generically...whether it has any relevant thermal protective properties I doubt you'll find out unless you talk to someone at Apple.
    11-08-2013 02:37 PM

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