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    Done! Showed Up @ BB & Bought The Gold 5S & Cancelled My Apple Order. The BB Guys Said They Were Getting A Lot Of Customers Doing That... Also... BB Had A Good Supply Of Golds The Rep Was Saying... So If Ur Looking For One Check Ur Local BB.... 😃

    & Now Proud Owner Of A Gold iPhone 5S 32gb, iPhone 4, iPad 3 32gb, iPad Mini LTE 32gb, Apple TV3 x2..... No Better Ecosystem... 😜

    P.s... & Waiting 4 A 32g i5S In Gold.... Becuz I'm Sassy... LoL

    I was interested in the verdict. Glad you got what you were looking for! Forums keep you occupied and patient, I love it!

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    10-20-2013 08:34 AM
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