1. Eileen89's Avatar
    Question if an AT&T model is bought full price at one of their stores will it be unlocked?

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    I know it definitely would be unlocked out of the box if purchased from an Apple store. However, every iPhone that I purchased directly from AT&T at full retail was locked and required a call or email to AT&T in order to get it unlocked. AT&T never gave me a problem with unlocking, though.
    11-13-2013 07:10 PM
  2. neurodave's Avatar
    My 16GB gold iPhone 5s from Verizon is working 100% with AT&T. I'm getting LTE, "4G" and HSPA data.
    11-27-2013 12:30 PM
  3. Eileen89's Avatar
    My 16GB gold iPhone 5s from Verizon is working 100% with AT&T. I'm getting LTE, "4G" and HSPA data.
    AT&T's LTE speeds are really good too from what I've seen with mine. When I first bought it I was worried that the speeds wouldn't be as fast, but that is not the case.
    11-27-2013 01:09 PM
  4. rileyd5's Avatar
    Agreed big time! I just switched to ATT from Verizon in Pittsburgh. Was only getting 3g in my house and sometime 1 bar LTE with Verizon. Now full bars and amazing LTE speeds. Honestly I sometimes double take on the speed tests because I'm getting 55+mb down. Best I've seen on Verizon anywhere in Pittsburgh is 14mbps. Also in my house I was getting 1-3mbps lte and under 200kbps on 3g on Verizon. lol.
    12-08-2013 09:54 AM
  5. purwater's Avatar
    I want to thank everyone for this thread. I was wondering if I could do simultaneous voice and data on the Verizon iPhone 5S when used on the AT&T network. After a google search I found this thread. I allowed a personal line with Verizon to be ported over to my work account so they could pay for my service. At work I can only choose from the free phones available so I went with the Moto X and already have my Verizon 5S. I've been using the Moto X and it's a great little phone (and as large as I think I'm comfortable with). I knew I could use my 5S, but wanted the voice/data like the Moto does. I moved the Sim over and changed the APN settings and had perfectly working simultaneous voice and data. Now I have 2 phones I can use without losing the voice/data combo. Icing on the cake is that just last week AT&T got LTE going in my area so I didn't lose any speeds when moving over from Verizon LTE.
    04-03-2014 10:47 AM
  6. cktballa4's Avatar
    maybe you could help me out with this. I have almost the same situation a verizon iPhone 6 that i put an att sim in. what did you do to get att internet and data working . When i popped in the att sim my calls and sms worked i believe i used apn changer app that allowed me to get 4g which but not LTE or mms messages. How can i fix this? what were you talking about activation helping yours ?
    09-23-2014 10:16 AM
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