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    I've had both for years. iOS 7 is far superior to any version of Android including the latest, the iPhone build quality and Apple service and support are also far superior. lots of people come over from android and hardly anyone goes to android from iPhone which should tell you something.
    Both are excellent systems and I think someone should do what they simply want to do. However, I don't buy your assertion hardly anyone goes from IOS to Android. I loved iPhone but made the switch and glad I did. Worked for me specifically!

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    11-14-2013 07:17 PM
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    Honestly it probably will not be that bad for you. I carry both. My current android phone is the HTC One.
    Coming from that I obviously miss that screen size sometimes. Screen size is not really a feature of android but I can't think of many android devices with a screen as small as the iphones.

    Other things I miss:
    Customization and control android gives me. No swype, no custom homescreen, no widgets, no assigning default applications, no NFC, no installing apps from any browser, no file explorer and no haptic feedback.

    iPhone likes:
    Touch ID is AWESOME. Quality of apps. Build quality is top notch. Great camera. Very fast. Sometimes I do appreciate the portability of the iphone. Most of my friends have iPhones so I get to do iphone things with my iphone friends lol. Accessories are plentiful.

    The experience is great on iOS and if you are all about Google services then you won't really miss a beat with iOS. The transition was easy and I still use all my google services. And google doesn't slack off just because it is for iphone. As we know google is about that $$$ and finding users so they waste no time getting their services into that app store.
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    11-14-2013 09:59 PM
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    I'm picky, and find iOS a bit iffy for my use, but I have no problem recommending it to people. In fact, if not for my iTunes Ghost of Christmas past, I probably would have made the switch.

    Outside of customization and size (and a handful of specific apps), I find nothing wrong with iOS and still consider it the trendsetting platform. I enjoy tinkering with it, and comparing it to other devices. It is fluid, and there is something to be said for the uniformity of design especially when compared to Android, IMHO.

    I think any open-minded person moving from Android will definitely be able to pitch a productive tent with iOS.
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    11-14-2013 10:12 PM
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    Stop being a prude and make the change already! Lol

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    11-14-2013 10:41 PM
  5. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    I too have owned lot's of android devices. While I truly enjoyed their larger screens I always ended up back on a iPhone. The simple truth about the iPhone is that things just work. Don't have to chase wake locks, or worry about finding a keyboard that works to your liking, yes there is the widget thing however in the end I mostly tapped the widgets to open the corresponding app, with iOS I just launch the app instead. There really isn't anything to fear when going to iOS, just a little change. Like others have posted if you don't like it, you could always switch back.
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    11-15-2013 01:49 AM
  6. wamsille's Avatar
    I made the impulse buy to get an iPhone 5S Wednesday (11/13) evening. This is after years and years of having an anti-Apple stance on anything from desktop computers, mp3 players and the like. I definitely fell into the camp of "iWhat" versus "iWow". That being said, I couldn't find a device that truly captured what I wanted in an everyday commuter. I've been on PalmOS, WebOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. Up until Wednesday I had not taken a plunge into the world of iOS. Stints with a shuffle and iTunes do not count.

    iOS 7 does look like Android. I am neither delusional nor am I bothered by it. It is familiar, inviting and above all else practical. The fluidity moving from one application to another, answering an email to going to a webpage to a text while listening to music - it's important to keep the user experience gratifying and limitless.

    The phone functions as a phone. The dialer is there and not complicated, setting up voice mail was quick and easy and attaching my Google account to the device took all of a minute. It was actually easier, dare I say it, to register this device and use my existing services than it was with an Android.

    Apps. Oh my god there are too many apps. Anyone can publish an app. I love and loathe it all at once, because while there are some gems I had wanted to try on my new 5S I am sifting through a lot of crapware as well. The amount of WTF on the app store is quadruple that of Android, but for every bad app I can still rattle off a good top 20-50 that I would be happy to run and install on my phone.

    While I make an unapologetic stab at the sheer volume of apps, it is a better situation than Windows Phone where I had debated going back to after my recent stint with an HTC One. These Windows devices are currently just as fragmented as any Android I know of. My daughter uses my old Lumia 900 and I shudder every now and then when she plays a game or goes to find an app and it isn't available on the platform. Worse, it's available but only to Windows 8.0 users and up. The Lumia 900 should never have been released given that horrid limitation, but Nokia has sort of made up for that with the 1020 and forthcoming 1520.

    I will always appreciate Android for what it was, what it is now and what it could be (but probably won't be) as Google goes to a more closed source nature to secure the platform and unify devices.

    Windows Phone is a step in the right direction, but given its small footprint and propensity for outdated hardware I don't see anything coming out in the next 12 months that will be the equivalent of an iPhone 5S or Nexus 5. I could be wrong and I honestly hope that I am. Competition is good for the consumer.

    iPhones. I can't believe I bought one. However, it just works. The experience is unified and there are apps galore. I can walk into just about any store and buy an iPhone accessory. I'm almost assured to have the same user experience with my device as someone else here with a 5S. I may have a 16GB model (I don't use a ton of apps and back up to the cloud), but I feel that this device has already gotten more mileage than the more storage rich devices I have owned in the last 18 months.

    If you want a user-friendly experience that is uncompromising in its effort to build its services around you, try an iPhone. The size and button layout may be off-putting at first but I'm slowly getting used to it. Coming from a much larger HTC One, Lumia 1020 and Nexus 4 I can say that screen real estate is not necessarily paramount to a worthwhile user experience. Apple may not have been the innovator that others claim them to be (I've said as much myself ad nausem and this is by no means an attempt to be a troll) however the package they put together is maybe a pinch or so shy from perfection.

    Ditch the droid and get an iPhone.
    11-15-2013 03:55 PM
  7. John Yester's Avatar
    Lots of good points!

    Glad you are enjoying your new device. Again they are simple and just work.
    11-15-2013 08:02 PM
  8. swarlos's Avatar
    I did something stupid and sold my 5S for a Nexus 5 mostly cause of the profit I knew I would make, have been jobless for the past year, now have two! So for any you guys wondering why I haven't posted on here lately I've been lurking AC. But anywhoo I thought I could use the Nexus till the iPhone 6 came out but boy was I wrong I discovered I now hate Android and miss so many things from my 5S that Android sucks at or doesn't have. Going from iOS to Android the first time I really appreciated it but after using iOS again after a year to come back to Android I'm going nuts and want my iPhone back :'(

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    11-16-2013 03:38 PM
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    Stop being a prude and make the change already! Lol

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    11-16-2013 04:00 PM
  10. the1m.polo's Avatar
    Thanks all of you guys!!! So after almost 2 weeks with my iPhone 6, I love it!!! I will miss downloading music directly on my phone via torrents but it's not that big of a deal. iOS is so fluid and it's so well thought out. I have 0 regrets on the switch.
    10-01-2014 09:06 PM
  11. JobSteves's Avatar
    Thanks all of you guys!!! So after almost 2 weeks with my iPhone 6, I love it!!! I will miss downloading music directly on my phone via torrents but it's not that big of a deal. iOS is so fluid and it's so well thought out. I have 0 regrets on the switch.
    So you basically miss the fact that on iOS you can't steal music lmao.
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    10-02-2014 02:59 AM
  12. iDivergent's Avatar
    I'm not really new to iOS but i have used many Android phones before i switched to Apple.
    iOS 7 is really nice but now the iOS 8 has been released is it even more better for using the amazing operating system.
    It's really worth it
    10-06-2014 03:44 AM
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