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    As a newbie to the iPhone I read this thread with interest. All of my previous smartphones were BlackBerry models. I love my iPhone 5 & plan on staying right where I'm at - no need for a 5s. It does so many things my BlackBerry couldn't (i.e. playing videos in Facebook) and yes, there's an app for that...and that, and that too. No need to do a battery pull every night to clear out the cobwebs. I guess I can understand how long term users might be chomping at the bit for something radically different, but my iPhone handles everything I ask it to do and handles it well. Excited for iOS7 and am happy to be part of the Apple family.
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    08-30-2013 12:12 PM
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    Yep, I'm upgrading (regardless with how big or small improvements are - I would have gotten the 5, but what's a few more weeks). I have a 3GS (time to change phones it's been 5 years), and I prefer the "S" versions as it is the improved, cleaned up, better of the new current model. Same with cars - I like the facelift models as they weed out all the problems that came with the new design. I never got a 4S, even though I was eligible for upgrade - my 3GS work great when that was out. But people look at me funny now with my "plastic" iphone - they think I have a Samsung Phone, it's insulting.

    But if I had an iPhone 5, I would not be upgrading - iOS 7 will be bringing it all to the iPhone 5, and I was happy with my 3GS for years - with Apple products you can be set for a few years with one product and still be contempt.
    08-30-2013 02:50 PM
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