1. Flapalms239's Avatar
    Hello! My wife will receive her new 5C tomorrow via FedEx.

    If we link the phone to our iTunes account associated with the iPad will all those apps start installing on the phone? She just wants a few apps.

    In a month or so I'm hoping to get the iPhone 6 and will want to live k it to the same account but won't want her apps on it...so I guess same question there too...

    Thanks for your help :-)
    10-28-2014 08:45 AM
  2. Highrisedrifter's Avatar
    Hi there

    In all honesty, you're better off creating an AppleID each and then you don't have to worry about linked devices. The only issue is if you have bought lots of things via iTunes, then obviously a fresh ID will not have access to those.

    Although you can turn off the option to have apps automatically downloaded to each device (I have it turned on for my iPhone and iPad for instance), the easiest way of preventing this is to create separate IDs.

    If you go to iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Store > and choose the automatic download options you want from there, you won't have apps automatically downloaded to each device.
    10-28-2014 08:51 AM
  3. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    Create a new appleId for her so she can use it for iMessages, FaceTime, mail, and iTunes/AppStore purchases, etc. then set up Family Sharing (under Settings, iCloud). This will link your two accounts together so that you can see and download each other's purchases if you want to, but won't have to worry about automatically getting each others purchases.
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    10-28-2014 09:00 AM
  4. Flapalms239's Avatar
    I'll have to put iTunes on the computer. Right now we just have it on the iPad.

    When I get my iPhone I can create my own Apple ID and than use family share correct? Hope this making sense...

    I'll go into the settings and make sure it won't automatically download the apps and TV shows to her phone and use our other Apple ID from the iPad otherwise she won't have access to her TV shows she purchased.
    10-28-2014 11:07 AM

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