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    Long live webOS.
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    11-20-2014 04:34 PM
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    I just on a lark purchased a Yellow Verizon 5C 32GB myself! I always like the Yellow color 5C and had previously a Space Gray 5S at the time! I am planning on using it as my daily driver since I like the color and the plastic back is perfect for me since I don't have to worry about scratches as much. Pretty much a knock around iPhone! I cannot wait to use it!

    I don't really get bother that much about longevity since I still am using my iPod 4th generation with an 4A Soc and 256MB inside of it! Many of the national public TV apps just this quarter require iOS 7.1 and the Touch can only get 6.1 iOS. Other large company apps require 7.1 too Still, I can use 80% of my other Apps still and the music player is still going strong. All the shopping Apps except for Apple Shop work still! The A6 inside my 5C is only dual core but has 1GB RAM! I will be able to do a lot of web pages continuously. It may not be the fastest but it will do for now! I plan on getting the next generation iPhone 6S! I just hope they upgrade the screen resolution to 401 ppi like the plus is now! That what was holding me back from buying it along with a souped up SoC and 2GB of RAM. I did not see it worth the money for the 6 and decide to go back to a 4" just to have an iPhone again!

    I cannot find my nano sim card so I have to go to T-Mobile and pay $10 since I using a smartphone that has a micro inside. But I make them set it up so that well worth it for me! T-Mobile will do all the legwork and make sure it works for me with the 5C!

    The point I making is that the 5C has a A6 inside it! Touch has A4! Current state of art is A8! So if this is projected out; .... A12 is when my 5C will not be running too many Apps. But you got to remember that 64 bit SoC has backward compatibility to 32 bit Apps; just like on the PC! But not everyone is going to run out and buy the latest and greatest. It will be on at least a 2 year cycle and many still keep their iPhones longer then the 2 year cycle. Along with that; many developers will code it so both 64 and 32 bit iOS frameworks will work on one App!

    Just did a comparison and the A6 won over the 64 bit A7 in SoC! Here the link:http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Apple-A7-vs-...-%28APL0598%29

    PS: I like it - 8.7 out of 10 since I own a 5C now!
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