1. wgmurphy's Avatar
    Good afternoon, all.

    I recently fixed my iPhone 5c broken screen and now my mic does not seem to work. (including using head phones) I can hear, but no one can hear me. I took extra care and do not see anything unplugged or broken. So I'm curious if anyone has a fix or advise.

    Thank you in advance.
    06-21-2014 04:27 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    You said you 'recently" fixed the screen on your iPhone 5C, right? If so, did the microphone initially work afterward? If so, what have you done to it since fixing the screen? Could it have been dropped? If the mic did not work after fixing the screen, I recommend you retrace the steps you took when you fixed the screen.
    06-21-2014 06:01 PM
  3. wgmurphy's Avatar
    Recently as in today. It worked before, and now it does not. I did not mess with any of the inside components except for the screen fix. I opened it again and made sure all connections and components were secure. No luck. I hear out of my head phones but the mic doesn't work on either the head phones or the on board mic.
    06-21-2014 07:52 PM
  4. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Assuming the screen fix did not damage anything:
    1. Try a hard reset first.
    Not work?
    2. Try Reset Network Settings
    Not work?
    3. Back up to iTunes and do a Factory Restore.
    Assuming the screen fix damaged something.
    Take it to a reputable repair shop.

    Sent from from my iPhone 5
    06-21-2014 08:37 PM
  5. Theertha's Avatar
    I think you have fixed the screen in local shop, you should go with iRepair's only.
    08-29-2014 09:21 AM

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