1. atrabotke's Avatar
    Hello everyone, i have problem.My iphone iphone is turning on and off by itself...How can i fix this problem? This video shows my problem... Thanks for answer guys.
    09-14-2017 08:32 AM
  2. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore. Thanks for joining. Have you tried a new battery?
    Tartarus likes this.
    09-14-2017 08:34 AM
  3. atrabotke's Avatar
    No i don`t...On phone inside something is rattle... Can this rattle says that phone battery is disconected? And then i turn phone plugged in on charging he is turning on then i turn on without cabble he won`t turn on.
    09-14-2017 09:07 AM
  4. randally's Avatar
    My best suggestion would be to have it looked at by an authorized service center.
    Tartarus likes this.
    09-14-2017 09:37 AM
  5. atrabotke's Avatar
    I undestand.But i will check.I will buy screwdriver and open him.
    09-14-2017 09:40 AM
  6. atrabotke's Avatar
    Who knows my problem?
    09-14-2017 02:38 PM
  7. Tartarus's Avatar
    I know of your problem. And like someone already suggested, it’s best to have it serviced by an authorized iPhone repair service or by Apple Store.
    09-14-2017 03:31 PM

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