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    Hello I am a fitness aerobic instructor and I suddenly am having issues with my playlist Not playing in the order that I made it.
    When I need to pause it or hit one of the silence 15 sec breaks it SHOUD just continue down the play list order.....well now all of a sudden its jumping back to the first or second song on the list and screwing everything up!!!

    If for any reason I need to skip a song or just move to the next one, the playlist woulnt continue down the order in the way it is supposed to go.

    As an instructor, I cannot run over to the sound system and manually tap each song I want to play. Thats the whole point in creating a play list.
    After a crappy update that I cannot seem to reverse or roll back, the play list pops up these stupid messages when I try to edit it asking me if I want to keep up with next or clear up with next???? Even after googling that the explanation doesn't make any sense...
    I just want to be able to pause my playlist at any time and trust that when I hit play on the silence file above it that it will continue to play in order instead of this crappy jumping around.

    WHAT I Have tried:
    Resetting all setting on my phone Nothing
    Resyncing the music from Itunes to phone Still nothing.

    Deleting the entire play list and adding it back to my Iphone That didnt work either
    01-27-2016 02:50 PM

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