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    Both my husband (iphone 5s) and I (iphone 5) have the same problem with only one contact ( we can make calls to anyone else without a problem). Anytime either of us try to call his best friend we get a call ended tone and the call never connects. We have to text him then he calls us back. This started happening about 3 weeks ago. We haven't changed anything, our friend does not have us blocked, we have tried resetting the network settings and doing a hard boot by holding down the home and power button until it restarts, tried deleting his contact and adding it back in and nothing has worked. I haven't been able to find any into on the 'call ended' problem with only one contact which is why I'm asking here. Our friend has an iphone 4 and only my husband and I have a problem when calling him, he can make and receive calls with no problem. Thank you for your help.
    04-12-2015 09:37 PM
  2. Bigeric23's Avatar
    If your not having any issues calling anyone else, I would make a phone call to your carrier.
    04-12-2015 09:43 PM

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