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    Hello! My first post here! I've ordered a gold-colored display for my iPhone 5, because my old one is cracked and I thought, why not install a display with a color that stands out? So I ordered "390597028853" from ebay (search in the search-bar and you will find it) and to protect the display I ordered "350845911469".

    About 2-3 days ago I installed the new display and it seemed to work very good, just as good display as the original, but there is one thing that seems to be defective on it. It was really hard to capture this with a camera, and it looks quiet different on the picture from reality, but you can see what I mean. When I charge the phone, the display sometimes get foggy, normally only a little bit in the corner of the display, but this time it was the whole display! It's like the display gets electrically charged or something like that. Is the display maybe not grounded as it should, or is it a defective display in some way? Normally this disappears after about 30 minutes, but now it have been about 45 minutes so maybe it wont go away this time?

    iPhone 5 Ebay display gets electrically charged? Please help!-img_2444.jpg

    iPhone 5 Ebay display gets electrically charged? Please help!-img_2443.jpg

    iPhone 5 Ebay display gets electrically charged? Please help!-img_2445.jpg

    So if anybody have any idea of what's wrong, please tell me! If there is no simple solution I will of course take contact with the seller and send it back to get refunded. By the way, Swedish is my first language so please forgive me for some typos and things like that
    08-17-2013 05:10 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    Have you tried reassembling it and making sure all your contacts are clean?
    08-17-2013 10:02 AM
  3. dannejanne's Avatar
    Hall och vlkommen!

    Hmm weird issue. I think I would not dare to touch that after all the charging news about Apple lately. Looks like you have a good-ol' CRT monitor there hehe.

    Seriously though. I have no idea what would cause that. I would contact the seller right away and show him your pictures. There's no grounding or such that you have missed in the process of putting it together again?
    08-18-2013 02:05 AM

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