1. Harley Kid's Avatar
    I still have a Blackberry I have to occasionally tape to my shoulder. Just for a little fix. I can quit any time. Really.
    Nice to see that there are others still hanging on in desperation to their BB devices. I too still have and use my querty for hammering out a quick email. There is something about typing on those chicklets that I prefer over tapping on glass. I'm sure there is a support group somewhere in order for me to completely defect, I'm more interested in getting my hands on the 5s so that when the times comes, I can be using a single phone as a daily driver ... On the same service provider even!
    10-22-2013 07:40 PM
  2. TLD1's Avatar
    Interesting thread. Welcome to the iPhone family and iMore! I have had a long history of being a BlackBerry user. I spent a lot of years on the CrackBerry forum, and know a lot of peope there. Fact is, I have jumped from BB devices to iPhone and back more times than I can remember...and it finally came down to my priority being a superior ecosystem. I actually have had four BlackBerry Z10's, because I got bored by the iOS6 and the same old same old of the iPhone (same basically since 2007). I kind of loved the fact I was using a BlackBerry, and had fond memories of BBM and all that was about BlackBerry usage years before...but I could not warm up to the "all gesture" driven OS and the horribly lacking app selection. That, and the device felt so cheap and such a poor representation of a company that was grasping for their last breath to release! It was clearly a beta device running a beta level OS with horrible support and a third-rate ecosystem (worse than Apple, Google or Windows).

    Finally I totally gave up...wished the best for BlackBerry, and came back to Apple and the iPhone. I'm not anywhere near an Apple fanboy, and even get a little pissed the way Apple strings their loyalists along from device to device with minimal changes...but like it's been said many times IT JUST WORKS. And, it does it better than most. So, until some drastic and amazing changes take place in the BlackBerry camp (and they won't), looks like I'm here to stay.

    Welcome again, and I hope you enjoy your iPhone!
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    10-29-2013 11:13 AM
  3. fabio984's Avatar
    I used a BlackBerry Z10 (for 1 day only) and now im with iPhone 5 too.
    I dont like desactivate the features of the phone, it makes me feel like if I wouldnt take all the advantage of the features:
    This is my battery tip:
    mophie juice pack air iPhone 5 Extended Battery Case
    It gives +1 day of battery (and protection too). If it looks like a brick? +/-... but it will look a bigger brick whitout case and battery.
    11-04-2013 06:31 AM
  4. WhiteSpir1t's Avatar
    Well. The day is coming soon: blackberry sale didn't follow through and they're digging into shareholder money for survival. To add, they have just about a year left of cash to burn, while the social norm has left BBRY for dead.

    Greatest epic failure of the most successful email client from years ago. Who woulda thunk it? Why Steve Jobs with his iPhone of course!

    Posted via BlackBerry Z10 <-----like the last fart--the last desperate fart of a dying corpse
    11-05-2013 01:03 AM
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