1. Dennisgarcia's Avatar
    Like usual I was texting people through out the day, and occasionally the text messages I would send would not go through. The sending bar would stop midway or wouldn't send at all, or it would send like 10 minutes after originally sending. This only happens when texting not through iMessage.

    I tried it on my brothers and moms iPhones as well and theirs works fine. What's going on with my iPhone?

    It's doing it again right now.
    06-01-2013 01:30 AM
  2. OTACORB's Avatar
    Try turning off iMessage and this will force it to use your carriers messaging. IMessage can be hit and miss. This solved this issue for me.

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    06-01-2013 01:51 AM
  3. Disturbed_Angel's Avatar
    You could also try resetting the phone. Also, are you on the same carrier as your brother and mom?
    06-01-2013 01:59 AM
  4. Dennisgarcia's Avatar
    iMessage isn't the problem it's the original text message texting for non iPhone phones.

    I have no issues with iMessage it's been sending fine all day.

    And yeah both their iPhone 5s are on the same carrier and account as mine.
    06-01-2013 03:00 AM
  5. Rodville's Avatar
    I have issues with messaging when the data is slow. It seems like it wants to send with iMessage and will stick to the bad data connection even after I go to a LTE area. I have to cancel the text wait a sec then send it from the better signal. This seems to affect both iMessage and normal texts. turning iMessage off does nothing for me.
    06-01-2013 10:02 AM
  6. Dennisgarcia's Avatar
    Same here, it seems to be back to normal now. It was the first time it ever happened to me in all the time I've had iPhone lol.
    06-01-2013 09:56 PM
  7. Greg Crocker's Avatar
    Anyone solve this yet?
    10-02-2013 01:04 PM

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