1. Grabber5.0's Avatar
    Ok not actually! I was filling the tub for my 7 yr old last week and I had my iPhone in the front pocket of my hoodie. Normally I'm very careful when it's in there, esp around water, but not this time. As I leaned to do something, it slipped out of my pocket and into the tub. With lightning fast reflexes I scooped it out and powered it off, then removed my case to shake all of the water out. Surprisingly very little came out. The case is an Otterbox Commuter and the port covers must have kept most of the water out. I have to be honest, I took a chance and powered it on after about 30 minutes because I hadn't made a backup in a while. It powered on fine and I backed it up and powered it back off (I know, I know, highly not recommended! ). I let it dry for about 24 hours before powering it on again. During that time I placed it on a warm surface in various positions to ensure any evaporating water could escape. There have been no ill effects from the short swim in the tub. It has been a week and everything is working normally. I was fully prepared to have to make use of my AppleCare+ already..

    Just wanted to share my positive experience and a warning. Don't try this to see if you'll be as lucky as me.
    04-30-2013 06:03 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Nice! Be grateful, my friend. The next iPhone swim will cost you dearly...lol
    04-30-2013 06:09 PM
  3. Nolander07's Avatar
    Good to hear. Last year I dropped my iPhone 4 in a puddle and it was completely submerged for a second or two. I just turned it off, dried it off and waited about 12 hours to turn it back on. It worked fine afterwards and I used it for months. My son is using it as an iPod now.
    04-30-2013 07:05 PM
  4. natasftw's Avatar
    Food for thought going forward. It's not LESS likely to get you the backup if you let it dry out before powering on than it is if you power it on quickly for the backup and back off.

    If the backup is your only reason to power back on, you're better off waiting.
    04-30-2013 07:13 PM
  5. anon(5895641)'s Avatar
    Well you did have an otterbox so it would have been pretty bad if it didn't survive. I personally never dropped my iPhone into a pool of water but I did drop an ipod nano 2nd gen in a full puddle of rain water & i picked it up and continued using it like nothing happened. Besides the iPod being wet it worked perfectly.
    04-30-2013 07:31 PM
  6. nitinparmar1985's Avatar
    That is lukcy, im sure it was the lightning fast reflexes that saved the phone and not the case at all ha

    fingers crossed its still running smoooooth :-)
    05-01-2013 05:34 AM
  7. cornettbr's Avatar
    Ha get an atlas case and let you kid play with it in the tub
    05-04-2013 09:21 AM
  8. Dryland's Avatar
    Stick it in a bag of rice to draw out any additional moisture.
    05-04-2013 09:57 AM
  9. Grabber5.0's Avatar
    Yep, still running smooth. I give the case a lot of credit.

    I think this phone has a strange attraction for water! I have never had an issue before dropping my phone in water (but then I've always kept them in holsters on my belt). Last night I was leaning down checking under a friend's car to see the damage they did running over a median in a parking lot, and it slipped out of my jacket pocket and landed face up in a puddle. This time I didn't bother turning it off. Just shook and wiped it off and stuck it in my jeans pocket. :/

    I need to find a holster that is big enough to fit my Otterbox Commuter inside, and stop being lazy and putting my phone into loose pockets until then!

    Stay tuned for the next episode of "Grabber dropped his iPhone in water!"

    -- Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    05-04-2013 10:15 AM
  10. jonsigler's Avatar
    Keep a box if rice at the house in case my phone takes a jump in the pool.
    05-04-2013 03:36 PM
  11. mij9895's Avatar
    That's why I bought an Otterbox Armor for my iPhone 5. I can't risk dropping this phone in water like my 3Gs, twice. Fried the first one and still have the 2nd

    Sent from Josh's iPhone 5 using Tapatalk 2
    05-04-2013 05:37 PM
  12. Grabber5.0's Avatar
    I see I'm not alone with this affliction. LOL
    mij9895 likes this.
    05-04-2013 07:44 PM
  13. pr1nce's Avatar
    You were lucky this time. Keep a box of rice around for the next time.
    05-04-2013 08:41 PM
  14. taz323's Avatar
    Little more stress, than I would want to deal with. Glad it worked out
    05-04-2013 08:48 PM
  15. cornettbr's Avatar
    Desiccant pellets or silica gel (those packets that are in shoes and beef jerky that say do not eat) work 10x faster and more effectively than rice and you can get it cheap from hobby stores.
    05-05-2013 09:59 AM
  16. Cleveland's Avatar
    This is why I have my i5 in a lifeproof case, a friend of mine who recently bought an i5 at full retail (to keep her unlimited VZW data) I pretty much made her get one to stick on her i5 and what happened the very next day ?!?! It went for a swim in the kitchen sink lol I'm still being thanked for making her buy that case ... glad your i5 survived it's swim with less protection
    05-05-2013 01:38 PM

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