1. awb12's Avatar
    I recently received a text message convo between my husband and a friend of his.
    They were texting each other but the texts were also received in MY email account. Instead of an email address it had the phone numbers listed where the email address would normally be.
    He has an iphone5 and I have an iPad which was not updated at the time.
    Anyone know how this happened?
    02-03-2013 10:57 AM
  2. dream weave's Avatar
    Sharing apple id's?
    02-03-2013 11:25 AM
  3. awb12's Avatar
    Yes. I am not very savvy- so sharing an account means these flukes just happen?
    02-03-2013 12:00 PM
  4. Alli's Avatar
    Sharing iCloud address? Bad idea.
    awb12 likes this.
    02-03-2013 12:00 PM
  5. awb12's Avatar
    Well I just checked my iCloud settings and currently everything is off. But when this happened my iPad was not updated and had no iCloud settings. Is this something he needs to remedy in his settings or both? Or does it not matter since we are on same account? Thanks for the replies- I am a novice!
    02-03-2013 12:16 PM
  6. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    You really need to have your own iCloud account for mail, messages, and FaceTime. Probably use your own for contacts and calendars as well but that more of a personal preference. Where you can share an id is the AppStore and iTunes so you only purchase apps, music, movies, etc one time.
    awb12 likes this.
    02-03-2013 12:25 PM

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