1. ForgWorm's Avatar
    Hey guys! I've been using my 4S for 6 months now.. And it was my first iPhone. Recently, my report card was really good and my parents are letting me to get the iPhone 5. I know there's not so much difference/improvements (coming from the 4S perspective). But should I get it? Or wait for the 5S? And I've done a few research showing that the iPhone 5 have some problems software wise and hardware wise. In need of your opinions!
    12-23-2012 10:11 PM
  2. nj1266's Avatar
    Wait for the 5s. You have the 4s and the 5 is not a huge update from it.

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    12-23-2012 10:29 PM
  3. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    The question is this: are you satisfied with your current device? If you are, have your parents treat you to something else that you may be interested in and I don't mean another smartphone. On the other hand, if you're unhappy with your 4S and the iPhone 5 is screaming your name or you feel it will better suit your needs then go for it.
    12-23-2012 10:39 PM
  4. tuffy100's Avatar
    The 5 really isn't a worthy upgrade from the 4s. I upgraded from the 4. Always do every other release.
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    12-24-2012 04:05 AM
  5. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    The 5 is totally worth the upgrade from the 4S if the following things matter to you...

    - LTE data speeds (there's seriously NO comparison between 4G and LTE, like a tricycle vs. a space shuttle in terms of speed)
    - Larger screen (this was hit or miss for me initially, but i do like the slightly stretched setup, using the old smaller screen is weird to me now)
    - Faster processor...there are times where this is plainly obvious (in certain games especially) and times where it feels the same.
    - Better camera...the iPhone 5 has a better camera (front and back), period. It's more stable on videos, has better color balance on pictures and takes faster photos.
    - Smaller and lighter. It is significantly lighter than any of the other phones on the market, including the 4S...not to mention being a lot skinnier. The weight is perfect to me.

    ...all in all, i love the design and form of the iPhone 5, and LTE is the icing on the cake...those two things alone make the iPhone 5 well worth the upgrade.

    As far as software and hardware issues...I'm not experiencing any with mine, it's running like a champ with no issues. I never had any hardware issues...perfect out of the box.
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    12-24-2012 09:24 AM
  6. jerome g's Avatar
    Agree with the above post, it is absolutely subjective whether it is worth it or not.
    To me it is a big upgrade, I like LTE, bigger screen, faster speed and faster/better camera.
    But this is coming from someone who updates every time there is a new version since the first one.
    To me it is a no brainer, even though I do not get the fully subsidized price. I sold my 4S on eBay for $400 and paid $450 + $36 and some fees for the 5. So I paid a little less than $100 for the upgrade this time. In the past it used to be a wash when they would sometimes give you the fully subsidized price prior to your upgrade date. I did actually complain to ATT and they have me $100 credit on my bill !
    12-24-2012 10:46 AM
  7. ForgWorm's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I think I will get the 5 for christmas and I wanna get off the "s" series so that I could get the iPhone 6 instead of 5S for my next phone thanks once again for your opinions! Appreciate it and I wish you guys a merry christmas!
    12-24-2012 10:36 PM
  8. angermeans's Avatar
    I personally felt that the iPhone 5 was a big update to the 4S. The 4S is still a very nice phone but the iPhone 5 was better in every way. How much better is really subjective. I think apple really has created the perfect device. Now with that said I've always got to be up to date it just drives me crazy to not be. That is just a personal thing and it doesn't always matter to other. For example, my wife doesn't want to update even if I buy it for her. To her she is happy and doesn't need the newest and greatest.

    As for waiting for the 5S if that is the only reason then you might as well grab the 5 as the 5S is sure to be a ways away. I don't believe for a second that it is just a mere month or two away like some rumors suggest. First of all the rumors come from sources I don't trust. I've been in the apple game a long time and over time you really get to know the credible sources and the ones that looking for clicks. Stay right on imore and you will get a good idea as they always seem to be one of the first and always care about their credibility. The reasons I don't think the 5s is around the corner is the longer an iPhone is on the market the more profit apple makes. I don't mean that as in they obviously sell more i mean as the cost of the parts that make up the i devices goes down so it is really in apples best interest to keep it on the market for as long as possible. Second, apple has always stuck pretty close to a 1yr product cycle mostly because of what I stated above. Third, apple is so far ahead of the competition they don't need to play the android oem game of releasing multiple devices every few months. Their devices stay relevant and I don't see that changing with the 5 especially since it has finally gotten LTE, a larger display, an excellent processor (the a6 is still the best in the market and being it is hand clocked the competition won't catch up when you consider both overall power and power consumption). Fourth, with all stated above releasing a new iPhone this close in the game is going to frusterate iPhone users. Look what happened when they updated the iPad recently a mere 7 months or so after release and that was only a processor update and lighting adapter.

    Like I said I've been around a long time and I've never seen apple release a product cycle refresh sooner than 6 months and even that gives you another 3 months or so. Plus that time frame puts it at a weird time. If anything the soonest I think we will ever see an iPhone 5s would be June and even that is really pushing the envelope a little. No iPhone has been refreshed sooner than a year (if they have it has been a week or two before but you get the idea).

    Like someone said above it is subjective. If your happy and could use something else then wait. If not this is the perfect device and going wit an iPhone is the safest update you can do in this ever changing wireless market. With all this said I've been wrong before so keep that in mind. I just don't think it will benefit apple in any way.
    12-25-2012 12:07 AM

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