1. rstark18's Avatar
    I had heard about others being able to use FaceTime over cellular w itch an AT&T unlimited plan. I had tried to turn it on a few time but it would always give me the popup screen saying I need to have a different plan. I also read that rebooting would fix this.
    Well it does sort of. After a reboot (home + power) it allowed me to make a FT call. The weird part was that after the call it would nt allow me to make another one (I'd get the same old pop up screen about my plan). After another reboot I could make another call. So if I want to do a FT call I have to reboot every time. This happening to anyone else?
    12-09-2012 06:58 PM
  2. i8paste's Avatar
    <--- Verizon. But over my personal WiFi no issues or any other local WiFi.
    12-09-2012 09:07 PM
  3. jerome g's Avatar
    I tried it this weekend and also got the pop up, called ATT and they said it was supposed to be available but ran into a technical issue that is still being worked on
    12-10-2012 06:16 PM
  4. i8paste's Avatar
    At least they are aware of the issue. Hopefully it will be resolved shortly for you. I have personally never had AT&T, in my areas it's T-Mobile(shocking) and of course big red.
    12-10-2012 07:50 PM
  5. rstark18's Avatar
    Jerome, after you get the pop up immediately do a full reboot and I bet you'll be able to make a call. I can do this every time I want to dk a FT call on cellular.
    BTW this is in reference to AT&T (and more specifically unlimited plans) so non AT&T customers don't need to reply.
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    12-12-2012 02:39 AM
  6. jerome g's Avatar
    OK thanks, I'll try it.
    I do have ATT with unlimited data
    12-12-2012 06:51 AM
  7. rstark18's Avatar
    Just an update to this post. Ever since ios 6.1 was installed the reboot to get FaceTime over cellular for unlimited customers no longer works. To bad. I had started to use it more when I was out and around but now it's totally locked down.
    02-18-2013 10:44 AM

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