1. Hackaveli's Avatar
    I recently snapped my laptop in half so i went out and bought a MacBook Air. But on my iPhone 5 the old computer is still showing up on the iTunes WiFi sync. Does anybody know how to erase this old computer off? Do i need to Restart my iPhone?
    11-30-2012 09:38 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    In iTunes can you right click on it on the left and then delete?

    Also I'd go online to your iTunes account and de-authorize that old laptop from your account. Remember you can only have five computers connected to your iTunes account
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    11-30-2012 10:15 AM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    Get everything set up with the Mac and it will go away since you can only sync an iPhone with one computer.
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    11-30-2012 10:15 AM

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