1. hockey1299's Avatar
    Im going away on a trip for a week and will be roaming.. If I turn it on will I occur charges right away from applications trying to update? Or will I need to push on the apps? I need it for emails, phone and text.
    11-28-2012 11:26 AM
  2. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    If you turn on your phone in another country AND your data is turned on, then as soon as any data passes from your phone to the network your data roaming.
    If you turn off data and your phone is on and you get a call you will get voice roaming charges.
    Also, depending on your plan, some carriers require you to contact them in advance of a trip to enable international roaming. So not sure if your going internationally or domestically.
    If you dont turn on international roaming theres a chance your phone wont work as your carrier has not authroized your account to roam internationally.
    Ive heard of people who often buy a prepaid sim / sometimes phone just to keep in touch with data services and sometimes phone/text. Its usually cheaper then paying a major carrier international roaming.
    11-28-2012 02:47 PM
  3. hockey1299's Avatar
    Ok. Ok going to Florida for a business trip. I have a Rogers sim in it. My iPhone is locked right now. All I need to know is if I turn on my data there will my apps and everything start to update? Or would I have to physically push on my apps?
    11-28-2012 03:09 PM
  4. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    Once data is on your phone will try to use data like normal. Apps that use data in the backround will use data in the backround.
    Apps that update when you ask them to will do that.
    The phone really doesnt stop working or work differently just because you change locations..
    11-28-2012 03:19 PM
  5. hockey1299's Avatar
    Ok how would I stop my applications from being run in the background so I don't occur the charges behind my back..
    11-28-2012 04:11 PM
  6. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    Not sure, short of turning off cellular data not sure an individual app can be turned off unless it has that option.
    You can use WiFi.
    11-28-2012 04:34 PM
  7. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    For starters turn off all push notifications and locations services. Make sure your email is set to fetch manually rather than every xx minutes or push. Double click the task tray and hold each app until it is in wiggle mode and delete it from the task tray.

    That should take care of most background data usage. You could easily test that while still in Canada going into the Usage settings and resetting the cellular data counter and by doing the above steps overnight or something and then checking the data usage again to see what shows up.
    11-28-2012 06:01 PM
  8. hockey1299's Avatar
    Ok so if its not in the task tray I'm good? And ok I will try what you said about resetting the usage..
    11-28-2012 07:29 PM
  9. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    If its not in the task tray it definitely isn't running. Most apps in the task tray aren't running anyway-they are in a suspended state. In case you do have an app that can access something in the background that why I suggested that you kill all of them just in case.

    And running a test is a good idea because you cannot kill parts of the OS that could possibly be using data.
    11-28-2012 10:20 PM
  10. Peligro911's Avatar
    Turn off cellular data

    Sent from my iPhone 5 from a galaxy far far away (in the USA ) using Tapatalk !
    11-28-2012 10:24 PM

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