1. jaybird28's Avatar
    My iPhone is 3 days old and I'm already 3 slides deep on icons. How do I create folders for all my icons?
    11-23-2012 09:59 PM
  2. Eileen89's Avatar
    The instructions in this link will help you create and organize folders: http://www.macworld.com/article/1160...s_folders.html

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    11-23-2012 10:02 PM
  3. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    Hold an icon until it starts to wiggle and then drag one icon over the other.
    11-23-2012 10:05 PM
  4. iLive an iLife's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore and iPhone, jaybird! Enjoy your stay!
    11-24-2012 08:12 AM

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