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    Hey everyone, I just recently bought my iPhone 5 and have had it about 2 weeks now. The last time I owned an iPhone was the iPhone 2g and like a lot of other people jumped ship to AT&T to get my hands on this device. I remember being amazed by this device and everything it could do, and how it was unlike anything I've ever owned before. I quickly got into jailbreaking to unlock the full potential that the iPhone was capable of, and get everything I possibly could out of it. I was fairly new to Apple and the only other Apple device I owned before the iPhone was the 4th gen iPod Classic. With the iPhone Apple won me over as a customer for their products(minus Macs, I'm a PC guy and love building my own PC's what can I say )

    Unfortunately my time with the iPhone was coming to an end because I simply could not stand ATT anymore, and therefore went back to Verizon. I got an LG Envy and you can imagine what kind of a downgrade it was. As silly as this is going to sound but leaving the iPhone left a void I could not fill, that is; until the iPod Touch was released. Once I got my hands on the new iPod all was right in the world again. And it was then when I ventured further into the smartphone world to try different platforms. First I decided I would give Blackberry a try with the BB Storm(horrible device)a BB Pearl all the way to a BB Bold 9910. BB was a decent experience and loved the bold's keyboard but it got stale quickly and lack of apps killed it for me. So then I purchased my first Android phone, the Droid 2. First thing I noticed was how similar it was to iPhone and how things the iPhone could do JB, Android could do out of the box. I was amazed and needless to say I became a fandroid.

    Despite being a fandroid I had purchased every iteration of the iPod touch except the 5th gen model as it is my favorite media player. With my Droid 2 and iPod Touch I never saw the need to ever get an iPhone again. When the iPhone was release on Verizon I never even considered purchasing one, instead I opted for the Galaxy Nexus. With the Nexus I really got involved in rooting and flashing custom ROMs and just modifying my device to my hearts content. After tasting what Android was like I actually started to dislike iPhone and even bashed(granted I would never go out of my way to do so) it with every typical fanboy response you could think of. I had turned my back on the iPhone, the first smartphone I ever owned.

    When rumors of the iPhone 5 started spreading my curiosity was finally piqued and I kept a close watch on the iPhone 5. Something I had not done with any of the other previous iPhone models.
    Then came the day Apple announced it's iPhone 5. Of course being the fandroid that I was, when Apple announced that the iPhone 5 would be getting things like a 4" and LTE, all I could say was "Is that it? I've had all these things for a year now". Needless to say the announcement was very lackluster to me and the iPhone 5 quickly went back under the radar, and I went back to being a fandroid.

    One thing I'm a fan of more then Android is technology itself, which may sound weird coming from someone who practically boycotted the iPhone. Over the past couple weeks I just could not help but be tempted into getting an iPhone, despite me really wanting to buy the HTC Droid DNA(which looks like a damn nice phone btw). So 2 weeks ago I stroll into the Apple store and purchase myself a Black 32gb iPhone 5. And damn was I blown away! This thing is amazingly fast, smooth and light. I thought at first I would have trouble adjusting to a smaller screen, but I didn't. In fact despite it being smaller then my Gnex the screen looks so much better! Overall I'm really enjoying my experience with the iPhone so far!

    With all that said I'm now a fan of both Android and iPhone and now back in the Apple camp. Of course now being a fan of both platforms only makes buying my next phone even harder for me. Should I get an iPhone X or the latest and greatest Android phone? If I get an Android phone should I get an iPod touch with it, or if I get an iPhone should I get an Android tablet to go with it? pfft first world problems I know..

    Well this was exhausting I'm now gonna play some Blops 2 .
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    11-23-2012 06:21 PM
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    Haha this is exactly my story although I owned the iPhone and 3G then went to blackberry and owned four different android phones and two tablets before coming back to apple with the 5 and I love it!! Might get the nexus next year then the 6 after that and keep switching it up possibly.

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    11-23-2012 06:27 PM
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    Haha this is exactly my story although I owned the iPhone and 3G then went to blackberry and owned four different android phones and two tablets before coming back to apple with the 5 and I love it!! Might get the nexus next year then the 6 after that and keep switching it up possibly.

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    Yeah jumping around so many different devices whether good or bad made me realize how bad fanboyism can be
    11-23-2012 06:51 PM
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    I wanted to get an iPhone because I was tired of having to carry my iPod touch and android device with me wherever I went. Now I've got a damn good phone with the best media player available all in one device. Needless to say I think I'm never going back to android
    11-24-2012 06:28 PM
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    I like android love to play with it. But problem is I still don't think it's a good daily driver. But hey I bid on a GNEX on eBay. The 5 is a very nice phone.
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    11-24-2012 06:56 PM
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    Android is awesome if you love to customize the crap out of your device but I think the problem of the platform are the plethora of devices with different specs and versions of Android.

    It sucks because there's so many OEMS making devices it's hard for them to get those phones updated to the current version of android, like Rene put every iDevice down the 3GS all received iOS 6 at the same and will receive updates accordingly. Whereas say the HTC One X might get updated to Jellybean before the RAZR Maxx or vice versa plus some phones will either only get one update during its life or may never. That's the gamble with android unless you go with the Nexus devices.

    Then there's the apps, just flat out, iOS still has the best selection and highest quality of apps compared to android especially when it comes to tablet optimized apps which I know Phil and co say isn't that important. I disagree as I owned two android tabs and was greatly disappointed with the lack of support in apps.

    Needless to say I'm glad to be back on iOS especially with the killer battery life!!

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    11-25-2012 04:17 AM
  7. steveh552's Avatar
    I'm new here but want to chime in. I just bought my first iPhone, the i5 on Friday and traded on my Samsung galaxy S3 on it. My main reason was as much as I loved my s3 I needed a device that works on the cell network and my s3 could not hold signal where I seem the iPhone would. I'm mixed on my thoughts of this device, never been an apple fan but it could grow me. Lack of ability to really customize and no widgets plus the face I use most of google apps makes adjusting hard. I am a platinum rewards member at best buy so I have 60 days to decide, but I admit this device works great and holds lte just fine, my s3 usually went to 1x or roaming.
    11-25-2012 08:23 AM

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