1. 0pusX's Avatar
    Got my iPhone on 11/9 and up until 2 days ago I was getting about 10 hrs of usage with 24+ hours of "on time"

    Then 3 days ago is started dropping off considerably. Now I'm getting maybe 7 hours of usage with 10 hours of "on time"

    I wonder what was cause that...
    11-21-2012 11:40 PM
  2. KNIGHTRIDER's Avatar
    Ditto. I have the same problem. Don't know how some people get 19 hours usage.
    11-23-2012 04:09 PM
  3. ridiculocity's Avatar
    Gotta admit this has started the last few days also. My battery was dead in only about 6 hours yesterday.
    11-23-2012 04:22 PM
  4. Sharma15's Avatar
    Any of you guys on Rogers LTE by chance?
    11-23-2012 04:44 PM
  5. Espo's Avatar
    I am also experiencing bad batter life. It was great and lasted me a whole day for the first week or so but now I have to charge at least once during the day otherwise it's dead by 8pm (usually take it off the charger around 8-9am).
    11-23-2012 09:28 PM
  6. 0pusX's Avatar
    I'm on Verizon LTE
    11-24-2012 12:32 AM
  7. Peligro911's Avatar
    I noticed this also I was getting 9 to 10 usage but lately getting 7 .. Then again back to 8 to 9
    Not sure why
    11-24-2012 01:58 AM
  8. fttddd's Avatar
    I have the same problem.
    11-24-2012 02:41 AM
  9. ktrent#CB's Avatar
    Same problem. Started a week ago. My wife's 5 is still rocking great batt but mine is terrible. I guess a restart from new is around the corner as bad as I hate to go there.
    11-25-2012 10:16 AM
  10. AngryCPA's Avatar
    Was having the same issue. I let the battery completely drain until the phone shut off and it seems better now.
    11-25-2012 03:04 PM
  11. IAmAuthority's Avatar
    I too have noticed a small decline in my iPhone 5 battery capacity. While I originally attributed it to going from Wifi to LTE, this quickly became debunked as spending the entire day on Wifi I still have a low battery. As of late my phone seems to have adjusted and my battery life is back to some-what normal. A few things I may suggest...

    -Lower screen brightness to 50% or lower
    -Take your phone OFF Wifi whenever you're leaving a WiFi-designated-zone
    -Put your phone to sleep - thus saving battery power
    -Turn off some of the notification settings for apps you may not need to be notified about
    -Turn your email account(s) to push for new email only when you open the Mail App (manually)
    -Stop using your phone so much

    Hope that helps those that are still have battery issues.

    PS: And as AngryCPA stated; about once a month charge your phone full, then use it until it literally dies. This conditions the battery and keeps its capacity near full.
    11-25-2012 03:25 PM

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