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    ATM I am quite confused. I know that the A1428 GSM iPhone 5 will only work with bands 4,17 mostly used by AT&T and hence cannot use a sim from abroad and connect to LTE network. But if I were to buy the A1429 CDMA from Verizon, I would have a CDMA as well as GSM slot correct. And if I do then will the GSM be unlocked?

    Also if I get the month-to-month contract from verizon then will the CDMA be locked? And if I do not use the CDMA network than I would not pay anything for month-to-month correct?

    Lastly is sprint the same?

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    11-15-2012 03:58 AM
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    The Verizon model is factory unlocked for GSM use. CDMA is locked to Verizon. As for Sprint, no.
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    11-15-2012 07:40 AM
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    GSM is unlocked but in the US you'll only be able to get 3G speeds if you are using it.
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    11-15-2012 08:25 AM
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    Okay, thanks for that.
    Therefore if I buy a no contract phone from verizon, and take the phone abroad say to Dubai where their LTE bands are 1,3,5; I should have no hinderance with the GSM because of the CDMA locked to verizon. If I then come back to the US I would not need to use a GSM because of Verizon as my CDMA.

    11-16-2012 12:55 AM

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