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  1. FRoStYisGoD's Avatar
    Not sure what's going on here but I'm pretty sure my battery life on 3G and or LTE is horrible, what you guys think? This is my 2nd iPhone 5 the other one had crappy battery to, but replaced that one due to marks all over new phone not cuz of battery.

    Two diff days. One was 3g other LTE
    Attached Thumbnails Bad battery life?-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1352680063.193077.jpg   Bad battery life?-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1352680073.325569.jpg  
    11-11-2012 06:28 PM
  2. Jrome.brooks's Avatar
    What cell service you have
    11-11-2012 06:35 PM
  3. boldBud's Avatar
    That's kinda bad. The first one isn't that bad at all, but the second one is bad.
    11-11-2012 07:06 PM
  4. FRoStYisGoD's Avatar
    What cell service? I'm with bell and get pretty much 3-5 bars everywhere I go. LTE I don't get in some places, and the places I don't I turn it off when using 3G

    What do I do? I have everything off, email set to manual, all my apps are shut off to notify me, nothing is set to push other then iCloud and exchange.

    System services are all off to...
    11-11-2012 07:10 PM
  5. Sharma15's Avatar
    There might be a carrier update for you on Bell (I say there might be because I'm on Rogers and yesterday they released a carrier update which has made my LTE far more stable). Go into settings >general >about and wait for a message to pop up. It should almost be immediate. If nothing pops up try waiting a couple days until bell pushes out the same update.
    11-11-2012 07:21 PM
  6. FRoStYisGoD's Avatar
    Ya nothing popped up so guess have to wait and see if bell will push one. Not sure how a carrier update would help the battery though?
    11-11-2012 07:42 PM
  7. FRoStYisGoD's Avatar
    Should I even attempt to go to apple and see what's up and ask for an exchange or?
    11-12-2012 02:49 PM
  8. FRoStYisGoD's Avatar
    Ya but why buy a battery when it's still under warranty? That makes no sense and not something that people should be doing... My battery is still bad
    11-15-2012 02:25 PM

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