1. Fausty82's Avatar
    I have a 64gb jail broken 5. I noticed the other day that 14gb is taken up by 'other' and about fell over. So, I have:
    - deleted all text messages
    - deleted all safari cache and history
    - deleted email account and reinstalled
    - ran icleaner

    This freed up just under 3Gb but that leaves 11gb still being used. What the heck. Seems like my only other option is a restore but that would kill my JB so I guess I'm stuck. Frustrating.
    I believe that if you are jailbroken, that the JB stuff accounts for a big part of the "other"...
    06-28-2013 12:59 PM
  2. finn5975's Avatar
    I believe that if you are jailbroken, that the JB stuff accounts for a big part of the "other"...
    That would make sense. I think I'm going to trim the JB fat and see what that does. Thanks Fausty!
    06-28-2013 01:01 PM
  3. finn5975's Avatar
    Side note. That icleaner removed around 17,000 files and my phone is flying again!!
    Fausty82 likes this.
    06-28-2013 01:02 PM
  4. Terilyn Peralta's Avatar
    When you restore your phone what exactly does it do? does it delete anything?
    09-20-2013 12:31 AM
  5. tpa02's Avatar
    Thank you for your help isra950!
    10-05-2013 12:00 AM
  6. Kevin Wilson5's Avatar
    Browser data didn't help much .... why does iPhone need to be Restored so often? It's very annoying.
    02-14-2014 12:11 AM
  7. Patrik925's Avatar
    and when I wanna delete some of these stuff ?
    03-29-2015 04:14 PM
  8. ablopeztwan's Avatar
    Sorry. I know this appears to be an old thread but I've had this problem from time to time with various generations of the iPhone. The latest was my 128gb iPhone 6 was showing 83gb of "other". I've always just unplugged the phone, closed iTunes, and did a hard reset of the phone (hold power and home button until the apple logo appears). Plug your phone back in and open iTunes. Presto... all the "other" is gone. No manual deleting, no special software. Hope this helps other people.
    06-14-2015 03:53 AM
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