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    I work for Verizon and they (or Apple) don't let us order the iPhone when it first comes out. Last year we had to wait until March to get the 4s so I fully expected a little bit of a wait. So Monday I come in and we have an email stating that the 15th we will be able to order the iPhone 5. So low and behold I waited until 12:01 AM on the 15th and there they were and so I ordered. I work in fulfillment and order these all the time for big companies and I am very used to the 2-4 week wait since launch and expected to wait some time to get mine. When I ordered I couldnt believe my eyes as I orderd the most popular iPhone 5 (16gb Slate Black) and it said it would ship out by the 16th! I expected it to be a missprint, but yesterday sure enough I got the email and it has an expected delivery date of next Tuesday the 20th from FedEx and has already left Apple/Verizon and is in the possession of FedEx.

    Needless to say I'm very excited as I've been very bummed ordering literally thousands of this phone for people and felt I wouldnt get it for some time to come. I was ok with it as I just got the 13" rMBP and I have the 64gb White retina iPad (I got it from my work for having perfect attendance for 6 months it was a great employee promotion where you could get any device for free so I sold my WiFi 32gb 3rd gen iPad when I got it), and I have the 4s, but I got to say I'm very excited for Tuesday to get my new iPhone 5!

    Maybe this means that things are picking up for Apple as I just cant see any other reason as they have easily been a 3-4 week wait for people just a week ago. Anyways I hope this helps to anyone that is looking to order one as they are in stock and will ship out the same day (if during normal weekly business hours) and if from Verizon. When I left Friday night we had every color and every size all in stock. With that said I noticed at the first of the day we had almost 80k Black 16gb iPhone 5's in stock and the last order I fulfilled we has just 22k left so they are going fast and we might go right back into being out of stock so if you are on the fence for the holidays you might want to grab one!
    11-17-2012 05:44 PM
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    Here is a feel good story for you guys searching and waiting for an iphone5. Two weeks ago on a Saturday night I checked the Apple store and there was an ip5 16gb phone available for personal pickup. I quickly ordered and received confirmation that my order was being processed and that i would receive an email and text when my phone was ready for pickup. On Sunday at 1:07 I got a text and email telling me to come on down and pick up my new phone. Upon arrival we were greeted and told to stand off to the side so a manager could speak with us. The manager came and told us that there was a problem with the personal pickup system and we could either come back tomorrow or just cancel the order and wait for the charges to be reapplied to our credit card and for the upgrade to reset. I asked why we weren't contacted about the problem prior to making the long drive. He was at a loss for words so we left the store. I contacted Apple Corporate and was basically told the same thing. Oh, and then they called and told me I would receive a discount coupon in my email. That sort of ticked me off as a customer and when we arrived back home I went on Apple's website and lodged a complaint. I didn't ask for anything and only asked them to fix the problems. Later the same day I was still aggravated and thought about Apple being a people company so I looked up Tim Cook's email address and wrote him an email. Again, I didn't ask for anything. I just wanted the problem fixed in the future. The next morning I received two phone calls. One from the local store telling me that they were sorry about the problem and they wanted me to come in and pickup my phone and was asked what they could do for my troubles. I asked if they could throw in an extra cable and was told that it would be waiting along with a gift card. Then a few minutes later I got a call from California and was asked what had happened. I explained the situation and was told that they would contact the store. I told them not to bother because I had already been contacted by the store. Upon arrival at the store we were greeted by another manager and he expressed his sorrow in the situation. We were told to wait for a few minutes and when the manager reappeared with the new phone and cable I was told that I was getting an Apple Gift Card for $150.00 along with an extra cable. Then he floored me when he said that we are going to credit the cost of the phone back to your credit card and the phone was being given to me for the trouble. Now that is customer service and I am grateful for what they did.
    That is a great story my friend. This is the reason I love Apple and continue to buy their products over everyone else. I remember unwrapping my first Apple product the first gen iPod Touch and I was so surprised by the detail that Apple puts into even the packaging. Quickly after that purchase I picked up the late 2008 Unibody Macbook (it wasnt a pro then and the first gen of the newer Unibody design). Then I picked up the iPhone 3G. After the 3Gs I got bored with iOS (but not OS X) and sold it for the Nexus One. After a couple years of Android (dozens of phones and 3 tablets) and the horrible experiences I had with the Xoom and Transformer Prime I came back with the 3rd gen retina iPad and then the iPhone 4s. I also picked up the late 2011 MBP which I just replaced with my 13" rMBP. This week I just ordered the iPhone 5 and I cant be happier with Apple's products right now.

    During these many transactions I had a couple of times I had to lean on Apple's excellent customer service. The first was with my iPhone 3G when I dropped it off my nightstand while trying to turn off the alarm (on the carpet) the plastic started to crack up from the 30 pin port. I told them the truth and they went in the back and checked for water damage and then came back with a brand new one. I was so surprised as I had never been treated that way. The next was with my first MacBook after almost 3 years of owning it I went to turn it on and sadly it would not turn on so I plugged it in and I got a light blinking light on the charger. I took it in and although I didnt have Apple Care and they allowed me to pay a small fee and they sent it off. Two days later I got it back and not only did they replace the logic board (which I found out was very expensive) they also replaced one of the keys on my keyboard, put in a new battery, and replaced my head phone jack as they said something didnt sound right in testing. I couldnt believe that they took so much care almost 3 years later when i didnt even buy the Apple Care for it.

    I wont go anywhere else they have been great to me and my family. Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy your new iPhone 5. Have a great weekend!
    11-17-2012 06:38 PM
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