1. TommyNewman's Avatar
    in iOS5, I could plug in my iphone, and see it as a drive. I could freely transfer files over to it as internal storage.

    But with iOS6, it only seems to let me transfer from the iPhone, to my PC, not the other way around.

    Any idea how I can transfer to the phone? I've tried looking at the directory properties, "Read Only" is not active, but greyed out...

    Any help much appreciated, now I have more space, I want to put all my pictures back on!
    10-10-2012 07:19 AM
  2. finn5975's Avatar
    I am not sure about the ability in transfering files directly to the phone as drag/drop as I have never seen this option before. But, in regards to putting pictures on your phone, you can use iTunes. I created a folder on my desktop and named it appropriately. WIthin that folder, I put subfolders exactly as I would hope to see subfolders in my photos app. I copied the photos I wanted on my phone into those subfolders and then when syncing in iTunes, click the photos button at the top, make sure all the subfolders are checked, and sync. They will then all show up in your photos app sorted as you wished. Hope this helps.
    10-10-2012 07:24 AM

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