1. Mechaslash's Avatar
    09-25-2012 02:05 PM
  2. DMBAdict04's Avatar
    09-25-2012 02:38 PM
  3. lcargile's Avatar
    Its funny how the "tools" are always the ones calling others "tools". What a complete and utter fool. It amazes me how the majority of Apple/iPhone users just want to be left to themselves to enjoy their tech investments but then Droid "Drone" Fanboys want to insert their unwelcome opinion and, might I add STRANGE, obsessive hatred for Apple products into our lives. And did you see this guy on the YouTube video? Hes acting like the same bullies that no doubt stuffed him in the lockers of his high school. What losers. Stop trashing other people that are completely happy without you in their lives and worry about your own before you blink and wake up in your parents basement at 40 years old...idiots. Ok...rant over. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming
    09-25-2012 03:22 PM
  4. Jdeezy85's Avatar
    I hate douchebags like this. How does the companies suing each other affect him? I could care less if apple was best friends with samsung. If the products are good thats all that matters. I dont care about ya damn opinion. Is it your billion dollars? Im suprised this kid could even afford a smart phone.
    09-25-2012 03:30 PM

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