1. ctsmd's Avatar
    Trying to get opinions on best route??

    09-25-2012 01:20 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    It's usually best to start from fresh... but if you were pleased with everything on your iP4 and all was running well - restore from back-up. And if something goes flaky, you always have the option to go back and do a reset/restore and start fresh later.
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    09-25-2012 01:23 PM
  3. Munky#AC's Avatar
    I restored from mine but thinking about going back and starting rom scratch.

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    09-25-2012 02:28 PM
  4. LCW's Avatar
    restored mine for my 4S backup running iOS6. No issues whatsoever. Running great.
    09-25-2012 02:51 PM
  5. Lynx's Avatar
    I restored mine from a 4S backup as well, no problems here either.
    09-25-2012 02:57 PM
  6. SnapThrow's Avatar
    Restore should work fine. For me, I took the purchase of the iP5 as an opportunity to start fresh with a clean setup... I only do that at most once a year because of Apple's upgrade/refresh cycle. I would have been restoring from a jailbroken iP4S so that was another factor for me...
    09-25-2012 03:58 PM
  7. F34R's Avatar
    meh, I just did it fresh. Didn't take long at all to get all my contacts and apps on the phone.
    09-25-2012 05:06 PM
  8. jebulls's Avatar
    So for a notepad app or something like that when you start from scratch and then sync do you gain all your info. I have tons of pages of notes that I can't afford to lose!! I have it backed up through google drive but I still worry!
    07-05-2013 08:56 PM

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