1. U812's Avatar
    I'm still kind of a newbie to iPhone so forgive me if this is a very basic question. I am receiving my new iPhone 5 next week and want to give my wife my iPhone 4S. She currently has an older droid. How do I set up the 4S so she can have access to all of the same apps, movies, music and etc. that I have in my iTunes account but still maintain her own personal calendar, email and contact list etc.? I don't want to have to repurchase all of the apps for her phone. Anything else I should consider that I'm not thinking of? How does everyone else with more than one iPhone do this?
    09-22-2012 10:40 AM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    After the phone gets activated on her number, set it up so that iTunes & the app store use the same appleID you're using now - and set her email up as it is on her present phone on the iPhone and all will be well.
    09-22-2012 10:42 AM
  3. U812's Avatar
    Thanks! I knew it had to be relatively simple. I guess I just couldn't convince myself that it was just that easy.
    09-22-2012 10:53 AM