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    Update:9/25/12. I just called UPS because their delivery website makes no sense. Yesterday, my phone landed in Jamaica and was transported to Louisville to clear customs(see above). This morning I checked the status and the phone is back in Jamaica. Is it being shipped back overseas because it didn't clear customs? No. It is being transported to the local hub in Uniondale for delivery. 👍So, I am thinking I could have it today or Thursday. ( my office is closed tomorrow in respect of the Jewish holiday). Ordinarily, once a UPS package gets to that hub, i will have the package that day. Wait, not so fast. The Ups rep. Said the phone will not be delivered until next Monday, the 1st. It will sit at the hub because of a contract with Apple. Apple tells them when to release the phone. 😡📲🔫. It's a blame game between Apple and UPS. No other package I have ever received internationally or domestically has gone thru this process.

    I am going to call Apple to see if there is a way to move things along but I doubt it. It's probably done this way pursuant to contract so that it is most cost effective for Apple when dealing with millions of deliveries in a short time frame.
    Update: I called Apple and got through to a supervisor. She was very helpful and spoke to UPS. Actually, my phone will be delivered tomorrow. Misinformation by the UPS rep as well as their website. As usual, Apple went the extra mile compared to other customer service depts. I received a follow-up email by the Apple supervisor, providing additional help. So the bottom line is the phone will be delivered well ahead of schedule.
    09-25-2012 08:19 AM
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    Update: replacement shipped! ETA Friday!
    09-25-2012 10:27 AM
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