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  1. Jeremy's Avatar
    Are you happy with your iPhone 5 purchase? Review your iPhone 5 here!
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    09-19-2012 09:54 AM
  2. GreatNeal's Avatar
    I'm so horny over it right now.
    This phone has lived up to expectations... AND SURPASSED IT!
    Not only is it feather-like. It's sleek. It's slim. It's everything a man desire in his pocket.
    What's more! LTE. It's so fast right now that I don't even feel the need to have wifi anymore.
    Soon we will stop having internet at home and rely wholly on LTE. Should carriers decide to go for unlimited.
    Our phone itself shall be the wifi modem. A moving modem.
    The messages looks better now.
    My homescreen is so awesome.
    Although there's one con. I have to occasionaly slide my phone down my hand to access the top. Clumsy and butterfingers. DO NOT Attempt this! Although You will get better at it over time.

    And no way. I'M NOT GONA get a case for this. This phone is PURE SEX. No way am I hiding it.
    I'm going to walk around with this phone and ladies will orgasm over it.

    Even though there are black bars in apps. I like it. It looks like I'm looking at a movie. and I'm controlling it. yes. It's THAT AWESOME. THANKS RETINA DISPLAY!
    09-21-2012 09:16 AM
  3. GPAbsinthe's Avatar
    So where do we stand...

    Unboxing - uneventful as ever
    Activation - I didn't have the time to actually wait for it that it was done
    Restoring - No problem there either...

    Now I'm gonna go road testing. Will post more later. Have a nice iPhone 5 everyone!

    Is it beautiful, yes it is. Depending on the light, the "slate" of anodized aluminum (on the black & slate version of course) may appear more silvery than actual slate. Which is cool. And it's so light, so thin... but the biggest surprise remains in the lightning connector : blazing fast on iTunes syncing (well let's not exagerate, but I do see an improvement), and so small I couldn't believe it. I'd read all the stats and everything, but I was shocked!

    You may have to fiddle a little with the Nano Sim, if you're activating yourself. Not a PROBLEM, but certainly not as easy as with the micro Sim to install correctly : it falls off easily.
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    09-21-2012 10:26 AM
  4. EvilJack's Avatar
    40 minutes in and I'm in love. It really is just so light and thin. That's all you can think when you hold it. It really is a piece of art. A few other thoughts...

    • The Home button is a bit smaller than the 4/4s. I wasn't expecting that.
    • It is long sleek and beautiful. Although not as long as I expected. In fact it seems only about 1/4" longer. Just a lot more real estate used by the screen.
    • Upon initial setup it came up with my phone number and and asked if this was the number I wanted it to register to. I don't remember this ever happening with other models?
    • LTE is SO fast. Almost instant on web page loads. Incredible.
    • I immediately tried to connect it to my existing iPhone cable. Of course that didn't work. It probably won't be the first time I try to do this with all the cables around my house and car.
    • I loaded all of my apps from iTunes as fresh installs and the sync went way faster than it used to. I guess the new lighting connector is faster? Much faster.
    • And speaking of the lightning connector, it is really sweet. Although much smaller than I expected. It goes in easily and it is seated firmly. This is definitely a big improvement. Even though it's going to cost me a fortune to make all the other cables I own work.
    • The thing is zippy! It's a noticeable difference.

    • My 4S feels like a brick after holding this thing! Really.

      Peace and enjoy everyone. Happy iP5 Day!!
    09-21-2012 11:01 AM
  5. mountainman's Avatar
    Just picked it up at a Verizon store today. I had the iPhone 4, so this is a huge upgrade for me. Here we go:

    Design - it really is super thin. But it is the lightness that I simply could not believe. And it's a shame that you can't really experience this in the store for yourself, because of those security lo-jack things. It really is a beautiful device. I had the rep slap it in an Otterbox Defender right away. I don't trust myself! But I did have it out of the case for a while because people at work wanted to check it out. It's funny how the guys all whip out their 4's and 4S's to compare. I have to say, with regard to the extra height, I'm already used to it.

    I still don't understand the reasoning for the headphone jack on the bottom.

    Performance - if you have an iPhone 4, and use the iPhone 5, you will notice a definite speed increase. Everything is snappier with regard to the OS, and of course the LTE speeds are just insane. The 4G speed is the main reason I got the iPhone 5 today. Honestly, I loved the iPhone 4 - great phone, but it had really only one deficiency.... the download speed. Seriously, if LTE was the only upgrade to the iPhone I would have gotten it anyway.

    Apps - I have not had a chance to install any yet!

    In conclusion, the iPhone 5 is a worthy upgrade. Some will cry because it looks too much like the 4S. Others will throw a fit about NFC or Widgets. But if you like iOS and enjoy your current iPhone, you are just going to be blown away by the beauty and speed of the 5.
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    09-21-2012 11:15 AM
  6. shinbone's Avatar
    "I'm so horny over it right now. . . "
    . . made me laugh
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    09-21-2012 01:47 PM
  7. Chase S's Avatar
    I'm so horny over it right now.
    First, wow, haha.

    About mine... I'm absolutely enjoying it! For me the design of the longer screen fits "me" better. To be honest, I probably would've been fine with the 4S, but I sold it and bough the 5 at a subsidized price using a family members upgrade... so I made money, and got the new phone... was a win/win for me.

    Personally, I love the LTE more then anything (And my unlimited data plan ) Being in Fire & EMS, I use my phone constantly in the field and it kills me having a slow connection. Now I can actually browse sites at blazing fast speed. As far as functionality, I love it as much as I do my 4S!
    09-21-2012 02:39 PM
  8. Exxod's Avatar
    Biggest surprise is how light it is.
    09-21-2012 03:18 PM
  9. finn5975's Avatar
    Coming from the 4S I figured i'd find some minor upgrades. I was dead wrong. It's so light, so solid, and still feels great in the hand. Everything is SO fast and snappy. Voice to text and Siri have never been more accurate. The whites are whiter, colors are more saturated, and brightness level has even increased. LTE is super fast! Having owned the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3 I was anticipating 10-30 second handovers from 3G to LTE and vice versa. 4 seconds tops!! Everything is very smooth. The camera is excellent, even better than the 4S particularly in lower light conditions. The 4 inch screen is great yet using the phone one handed is still easy. That was a gripe I had with the S3 and I'm 6'8" with big mits.

    Can you sense that I am pleased?
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    09-21-2012 03:55 PM
  10. Alienware_51#IM's Avatar
    Overall I'm about 95% satisfied with my iPhone 5. I got up at 4:00AM and went to the local VZ store, first in line too. I was going to get the 32GB, but I ended up trading in my 16GB 4S and went up to the 64GB Black model.

    Anyway, the screen is amazing. I love the new size. Color representation and brightness is great, better than all previous models. It is very snappy, I haven't experienced any lag what-so-ever. So far battery life has been great, although I'm not in an LTE area yet. I love the "stealth" black color of the phone and prefer it much over white (even if the black model scratches more).

    My ONLY gripe is that my home button is somewhat odd or loose. If I put the weight of my pinky finger on the button (without any extra force) it has this annoying plastic like pre-click. So every time I press the home button I get two audible clicks. Once when I just start pressing it and one when I actually fully press the button down. Not a big deal, but it does make the home button feel cheap and junky. I bought a second one for my brother and his home button was rock solid. In a month or two (once demand settles a bit) I'll probably end up exchanging it for a different one.
    09-21-2012 04:28 PM
  11. General Tso's Avatar
    Coming from the 4s, I'm not really impressed. Not knocking it, but the 4/4s were so awesome that it's tough to beat. :o
    09-21-2012 06:30 PM
  12. GPAbsinthe's Avatar
    Anyone noticed a step back from the 4S regarding reception during voice calls? I was under the impression I was talking with my iPhone 4 all over again... Sound is not terrible, and there's that metallic edge to it... Well, did not use it extensively, but I wanted to get your comments anyway.
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    09-21-2012 06:54 PM
  13. mtavenger55's Avatar
    So I got my iPhone 5 around noon. Immediately I unboxed it & gave it life! Activating it took no problem & right away I asked Siri a sports question & she was right on! I use wifi but do notice the speed! The screen size is very noticable coming from the 4 & I like it! Also I noticed right off the bat how lite the device is. I even compared the 4 to the 5 side by side. I was pleasantly surprised to see the voice dictation on the keyboard like on Mountain Lion. I guess I missed the memo? Lol. Anyway about an hour after I turned it on all of my apps that I wanted & songs are ready to go! Thanks to iCloud my contacts were transfered with no problem! So far very impressed! This weekend I'm traveling so I'll test out the GPS system!
    09-21-2012 07:49 PM
  14. iUSERNAME's Avatar
    After UPS dropped off my phone I was very excited. I opened it faster then a kid on Christmas. Everything from starting it up to activation went smoother then expected. This is my first pre-order so I thought I was going to need to go to AT&T to get a sim. NOPE it was in there. The new lightening power charger was actually a lot smaller then I expected. I thought it might be half the size of the old one but it was extremely smaller. I love that it goes it both ways...NO MORE PLUGGING IT IN AT NIGHT IN THE DARK AND GETTING IT WRONG.

    I am coming from the 4 so I am new to siri. She is great I cant wait for Apple to take it to the next level. I am already using it to reply to text message and check sport scores.

    I am still learning for that reason maybe I will write some more later. Until then PEACE and enjoy your iPhones!
    09-21-2012 08:28 PM
  15. TaliZorah's Avatar
    Newbie here but I have been browsing the forums for a while. I have an iPad "3" and now an iPhone 5.

    LOVE them both!!!! Don't think I will switch my desktop to a MAC though, I still love my PC and do believe they can live in harmony together.

    On topic: Very satisifed with my i5 purchase!
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    09-21-2012 08:44 PM
  16. shinbone's Avatar
    Holy bunghole the LTE is fast!!!!!

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    09-21-2012 09:44 PM
  17. campuscop2003's Avatar
    Have had my 5 for just 5 hours but I am loving it. Coming from a 4 the speed is night and day different. The tall screen is strange but that I can live with. At the time of the announcement i thought it was a little unimpressed. After having it and messing with it it changed my mind. Overall I'm pleased.

    Cons: hard to find cases and that lightning cable is expensive.
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    09-21-2012 09:48 PM
  18. Rocket_Girl's Avatar
    Coming from the 4S I figured i'd find some minor upgrades. I was dead wrong. It's so light, so solid, and still feels great in the hand. Everything is SO fast and snappy. Voice to text and Siri have never been more accurate. The whites are whiter, colors are more saturated, and brightness level has even increased. LTE is super fast! Having owned the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3 I was anticipating 10-30 second handovers from 3G to LTE and vice versa. 4 seconds tops!! Everything is very smooth. The camera is excellent, even better than the 4S particularly in lower light conditions. The 4 inch screen is great yet using the phone one handed is still easy. That was a gripe I had with the S3 and I'm 6'8" with big mits.

    Can you sense that I am pleased?
    Ha! it IS brighter and faster and more colorful. Reminds me of getting new sneakers as a kid: remember how you could run faster and jump higher with the new kicks? iPhone 5. New kicks. Win.
    09-22-2012 08:59 AM
  19. circlez's Avatar
    I've noticed improvements in every single area of the device versus my 4S. It's so much faster, so much lighter. The screen, WOW. I have noticed a huge difference in the way the blacks look on the screen. They are so much deeper. All of the colors pop even more as well. Another thing I like is the height of the new screen. I didn't know if I would like the height added, but I do. It adds more functionality to the device without adding any more bulk due to no increase in horizontal size. The thing has had an incredible battery so far in my experiences.

    The build quality alone is something of which I've never seem before. It has such a premium feel in the hand. Subtle details like the band around the sides has a slightly mirrored finish to them on either side of it. The iPhone 5 is a strikingly beautiful device. It blows away any offerings by Android competitors that I have used.
    09-22-2012 09:57 AM
  20. rstand's Avatar
    So far I am more than pleased with the iPhone 5. Coming from a 4, I had never met Siri. It was love at first sight.

    I agree with an earlier poster not understanding the move of the headphone jack to the bottom. Having to unplug the headphone to place the phone on a dock for charging (like my iPod touch) is a minor irritant.

    I notice the battery meter has moved down very quickly, but will wait a while before deciding if battery life is an issue.

    Overall, put me in camp with the rest of the happy campers.
    09-22-2012 10:24 AM
  21. Premium1's Avatar
    The phone is nice that is for sure, but with using so many phones especially higher end phones, they all feel almost the same in terms of fluidity and quickeness. I like the smaller size of the phone and the screen is really nice compared to a lot of phones, but if you come from a 4s or other newer device it's not going to be a huge change from the old device. Overall it feels very solid and I am enjoying the phone with no issues.
    09-22-2012 11:03 AM
  22. isuquinndog's Avatar
    Coming from a 3GS to iPhone 5 is like going from a Model T to a BMW. This is just insane. I feel like my text messages are sent before I actually hit Send. Apps open so fast that I don't even know what button to tap next because I hadn't moved on to that step in my head.

    And the My old phone feels like a cement block. Well done, Apple.
    09-22-2012 11:22 AM
  23. CD1X's Avatar
    my the last 2 years Id probably owned every major smartphone out from the 4s to the Galaxy Nexus...had the Galaxy s3...and now..the iPhone 5. Its light yet still maintains its solid feel! The speed is lovely....moving between apps is smooth and fluid as ever! LTE....nuff said there...The Black ip 5 is sooo damn sexy!!! its utterly HAVE to check it out in stores or wherever! The speakers on this device are banging...better than the 4s and those were pretty damn good! The display is of if not the best on the market today. its 4inches yet to me it still feels like its 3.5....I dont really know how to explain it....but it works! Having the extra row of icons is great! Siri seems to be faster and accurate as ever! Maps is ok..Turn by Turn works as it should...All in All...this is truly the best iPhone ever! oooo and the new Earpods......Definitely Good to go!!!!
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    09-22-2012 11:48 AM
  24. fridayxiii's Avatar
    I'm a little over 24 hours in so I thought I'd share my thoughts. I upgraded from the 4S to the 5, both phones on AT&T.

    * LTE is wicked fast. Multiple speed tests show it well exceeds the "4G" (HSPA +), almost as fast as my wi-fi. Speeds here in Tampa Bay aren't what they are in other cities, but better than what I had before.
    * The weight of the 5 is very surprising. Apple put this thing on a crash diet, and it worked. The handset feels solid and well-built, but it is feather light.
    * The 4S had a great display, but the 5's is better. Not drastically so, but enough to notice & make a difference. Impressed.
    * Overall speed of the phone (launching apps, Safari page loads, etc.) is wicked.
    * The ear pods are a HUGE improvement over the old ear buds.
    * I have the black & slate, and my phone (thankfully, luckily) came to me in pristine shape. No imperfections on the finish anywhere. The slate anodized aluminum takes on almost a bluish hue in certain light, which looks awesome. I had a white 4S which I loved, but I like the stealth black & matte slate as much if not more.
    * Battery life is great so far. I had zero problems with my 4S and so far the battery on the 5 is the same. I plan to do at least one full discharge/recharge cycle but thus far I'm totally satisfied.
    * Size: I really like the extra screen space and the stretched chassis & display. I definitely prefer it to the 4S. I wouldn't mind seeing Apple increase the width by 0.5", but as is I prefer the 5's dimensions to the oversized Android handsets.

    I paid extra for an early upgrade and am selling my 4S to help cover the difference, but I'm totally satisfied with the iPhone 5. Despite the many lukewarm responses to the reveal and early reviews, I'm very happy. This is not just a "stretched 4S". Those who say that haven't experienced the 5 in person. Not thoroughly overwhelmed as I was during the upgrade from 3GS to 4S - that was a bigger jump in EVERY single way - but to me the 5 was well worth the time & money. Huge value for the money here, and to the naysayers, all I can say is "haters gonna hate", so go on with your bad selves.
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    09-22-2012 12:20 PM
  25. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    This is the best phone I have ever had...ever.
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    09-22-2012 12:51 PM
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