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    I read that the new lightning connector is digital and not analog. Engadget was saying that cars such as bmw and mini will no longer be able to show the ui on the dash. I have a gm car and my wife has a honda. Both have ipod usb hookups and was one of my main reasons for getting an iphone. Does anyone know if the lightning connector somehow messes up the compatibility of iphones in car stereos via usb?

    Here is the article.iPhone 5 review -- Engadget
    It seems like the lightning connector will no longer allow users to have the ipod ui shown on the cars dash. I would assume we can still use the iphone via usb and can search through artists, albums, playlists etc. Via the cars dash. In other words, you can use the cars ipod ui but not the stock ipod ui, is this true?
    09-18-2012 11:04 PM