1. G8trMom09's Avatar
    I preordered my iPhone 5 on Friday morning through AT&T online. The order screen AND my confirmation email tell me that it will arrive ON 9/21.

    A friend of mine ordered her's through her local AT&T store in Florida and was told and has a receipt to back it up that she would also have her's on 9/21. However, last night she received an email saying her's may not come for 14 to 21 days.

    I went online to AT&T this morning and did a chat with two separate reps, to confirm when my iPhone will arrive. I've never done a pre-order before, and I know I need to be home in order to sign for my phone or they won't leave it. I was told that my phone will be in their WAREHOUSE on 9/21 and I won't receive it for 1 to 2 business days later. But both my confirmation email and the order screen said it would arrive ON 9/21 to my home.

    How do these things typically work? Isn't one of the perks of pre-ordering that you receive your item ON launch day to your house? I've heard stories of stuff even showing up a day earlier than launch day. What have your experiences been? Should I still expect it for Friday?

    Thank you.
    09-16-2012 03:46 PM
  2. Eileen89's Avatar
    Last year I ordered from AT&T on the preorder day and was told it would arrive on launch day. However, it ended up going into "back order" status and stayed that way till I was finally able to get AT&T to cancle my order as I was going to get it in the store instead. I would say as long as it doesn't show back order for your status 4 days before 21st you have a very good chance of getting it on time.
    09-16-2012 03:53 PM