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    I'm trying to figure out if I can get an iPhone 5 at a subsidized price (my family's shared plan is out of contract) and then transfer that phone to my corporate plan. Here's my current situation:

    Personal (shared minutes, only one line with data): iPhone 4S (micro SIM)
    Corporate: iPhone 4 (micro-SIM)

    Desired Scenario:

    Personal: Keep existing iPhone 4S
    Corporate: new iPhone 5 (possibly unlock existing iPhone 4 for another personal line, not sure yet)

    My corporate plan support says that they can associate a new SIM with my corporate account, but not a new phone. So could I do the following?:

    1. Order iPhone 5 and activate on Personal account data line
    2. Call AT&T and have them re-associate the iPhone 4S micro-SIM to that Personal account data line
    3. Call my corporate and have them associate the iPhone 5 nano-SIM with the corporate account

    Would that work? Also, would there be complications with the old iPhone 4 continuing to receive my iMessages:


    Any help would be appreciated.
    09-15-2012 02:11 AM