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    DON'T keep hitting refresh, F5, or CTRL F. By doing this all you are doing in clogging the servers even more. It causes more harm.

    DO find something to pass the time. Seriously, open a new tab, start playing a game, read a book. The more you sit there and watch the screen waiting for it to load up the next page, the more frustrated you'll get.

    DON'T start the process again if you don't get an pre-order confirmation email. Patience is the key here. By going through the process again, you are clogging the servers. You have to realize that thousands, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people are getting emails. You might have to wait a couple minutes. Possibly even hours. If you feel that you have waited an allotted time and still haven't gotten it, you can try again. Just remember that you may end up with two orders and wasted all that time for nothing and will have to waste more cancelling one of them.

    DO try to get some sleep.

    Feel free to add anything
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