1. bluue's Avatar
    I didn't want to thank you with the button but I did it o Maybe it's time for me to sleep (or to smoke and take a coffee ~)

    So, thank you (: and I didn't remember what I want to say ..
    09-13-2012 05:21 PM
  2. tom211's Avatar
    hey guys how many hours left?
    09-13-2012 05:25 PM
  3. rpol86's Avatar
    hey guys how many hours left?
    about 20 cups of coffee
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    09-13-2012 05:28 PM
  4. tom211's Avatar
    is 8;5 hours is that correct? as im not from usa?
    09-13-2012 05:29 PM
  5. foreverbfc's Avatar
    iMore, hope you guys are giving out Lightening cables... I have a feeling I'm gonna need more than the '1' that comes with the phone.
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    09-13-2012 05:30 PM
  6. foreverbfc's Avatar
    That's correct... plus 1 minute for 12:01am
    09-13-2012 05:31 PM
  7. Scarab123321's Avatar
    UT Austin student, sitting in class, and paying 0 attention to the professor because ive got too much iPhone 5 on the brain lol 16 GB black version AT&T.
    09-13-2012 05:33 PM
  8. jayfry's Avatar
    Ok so I've never been apart of the whole preorder process. If I preorder I assume I get it on the 21st, but if I wait and try to order in the morning sometime does that just mean I won't receive shipment until 22nd or later or is it normal that Apple runs out of stock?
    Every Year I preorder, and if you don't get your order in before 8am-9am then usually they run out or its impossible to even place an order because the website it getting SLAMMED. Which means you will have to wait longer for the phone.

    You should just set an alarm.. wake up at 12:01 pre order, then go back to sleep!
    09-13-2012 05:35 PM
  9. bluue's Avatar
    UT Austin student, sitting in class, and paying 0 attention to the professor because ive got too much iPhone 5 on the brain lol 16 GB black version AT&T.
    Aaha ! It will be the same for me tomorrow morning, I understand !

    So, If I still have internet when I wake up tomorrow morning (in about 6 hours) I'll come back with you in this "pajama party" !
    Good luck to stay awake guys ! My bed is waiting for me, see you later!
    09-13-2012 05:36 PM
  10. foreverbfc's Avatar
    I'll take a 16gb Black ATT iPhone. Had white, nice, but the cracks get dirty over time and never come back to the original white it was meant to be.
    09-13-2012 05:36 PM
  11. trevorjd14's Avatar
    How does Verizon ship, anyone know?
    09-13-2012 05:44 PM
  12. buci1er's Avatar
    Here's a good question. If I pre-order tomorrow morning at 3:01am EST. Will Apple ship my phone to my place of employment?
    09-13-2012 05:49 PM
  13. sirsamuels's Avatar
    BTW I will be up all night waiting. Getting the 16GB this time since I don't need all the space I used to with the 32gb iPhone 4 thanks to iTunes Match!!! Can't wait!!! oh and going with the Black/Slate on Verizon this time, done with the white!

    Anyone know if ordering thru Verizon guarantees it on launch day or if only Apple's site will?
    Same here.......
    09-13-2012 05:50 PM
  14. bhortontx's Avatar
    I'm going for a White 64GB with Sprint and I'm going to pay full retail....

    Should I order through Apple's website or log in to Sprint's and then purchase? Is it shipped to me or at the store waiting for me?
    09-13-2012 05:53 PM
  15. Fausty82's Avatar
    How does Verizon ship, anyone know?
    Apple uses both FedEx and UPS. AT&T uses FedEx... not sure what VZW uses... (yeah, wasn't that helpful?)...
    09-13-2012 06:03 PM
  16. sudbury78#WN's Avatar
    The WORST part of this process is the waiting another week for the phone to be delivered. It's torture. If you all remember the 4 release on Verizon, there was a thread to the shipping from China and people actually looking up the airport where it was coming from and tracking the fedex or ups flight. Ha-ha here we go again!!
    09-13-2012 06:09 PM
  17. buci1er's Avatar
    the anticipation is killing me.... and I haven't had a question answered as of yet
    09-13-2012 06:15 PM
  18. ECGcrackberry's Avatar
    I'm going to attempt a preorder through the apple site for an AT&T one but I'm going to need to pay full retail since I don't have an upgrade. Do you think the apple site will allow me to buy at full price? If not, then I'll probably order from the att site. I just would rather pick it up in store at apple rather than have it shipped to my house since I won't be there to accept it.
    Why not have it shipped to work address? I did it for the 4g and received it earlier on day than would at home.
    09-13-2012 06:21 PM
  19. ECGcrackberry's Avatar
    Does anyone know whether 12 am means 12 am pacific or since I am on the east coast. I can order at 12 am eastern time. C
    09-13-2012 06:24 PM
  20. RC28's Avatar
    My understanding is that the 12AM is pacific time so would be 3AM eastern. That is how it has been for the last several launches.
    09-13-2012 06:27 PM
  21. The_iCool's Avatar
    How does Verizon ship, anyone know?
    09-13-2012 06:28 PM
  22. RC28's Avatar
    Anyone get a link from a carrier yet to use to pre-order? I am waiting to get one for Sprint. Seems like they were more aggressively sending them out for the 4S launch.
    09-13-2012 06:31 PM
  23. jayfry's Avatar
    I'm just curious if pre-ordering your iPhone 5 tonight guarantees you an iPhone 5 on launch day. If not, I may camp out at my local store. I've never pre-ordered before. What's it like?
    If you order tonight you should get it on launch day. But that all depends on how many people order before you.

    Lets say they have 1 million phones for launch and you're number 1million and 1 then no you wont... but your chances are good if you order right when your allowed to !
    09-13-2012 06:43 PM
  24. trevorjd14's Avatar
    Have people pre-ordered through Verizon and had it sent to a different address than the billing? (i.e. work?)
    09-13-2012 06:59 PM
  25. puhda's Avatar
    Hey guys I am a non-smartphone user as of right now for VZW, My family and I are thinking of getting the family share data plan. Does my family and I need to get that plan first before pre-ordering?
    09-13-2012 07:17 PM
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