View Poll Results: Which Awesome iPhone color!

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  • Black and slate

    397 62.62%
  • White and Silver

    241 38.01%
Multiple Choice Poll.
  1. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    Went with the Black & Slate. I had my mind set on it from the get-go. Now it's a reality. I'm happy
    09-25-2012 06:14 PM
  2. BryanTheRed's Avatar
    Just ordered my iPhone 5 in Black/Slate.
    09-25-2012 08:05 PM
  3. RoadRunner64's Avatar
    I have a White 4g now and was going to get the black one but after seeing both of them in the store I think I'm leaning toward the whit one.
    09-26-2012 08:28 AM
  4. MrP's Avatar
    I have, in the past, always favored the white models- but the new black/slate option is so friggin' slick... I just cant believe how much I love it lol. I dont think I will be able to put any cases on this bad boy.
    09-26-2012 11:22 AM
  5. idrewpage's Avatar
    I can't order my 5 until 11/1/12, but I'll get black and slate...its the only choice really.
    09-26-2012 03:08 PM
  6. Matchoo's Avatar
    I can't order my 5 until 11/1/12, but I'll get black and slate...its the only choice really.
    How is it the only choice?
    09-26-2012 06:39 PM
  7. haxrnick's Avatar
    Got 2 white and silver yesterday and loving them.
    09-27-2012 08:12 AM
  8. Natemz's Avatar
    Black n slate. Lovin it
    09-27-2012 06:30 PM
  9. jinye's Avatar
    Just pre-ordered Black and Slate. It was always my only choice, it's so gorgeous!

    It's going to take about 3-4 weeks to come
    09-28-2012 01:12 PM
  10. andrewsmith's Avatar
    I was planning on getting a white one until I saw the new design. I think the white looks better than the black with the glass back. But the new aluminum backing the black/slate looks better to me. The white/silver looks exactly like my the way it looks but I don't want my phone to look the same..
    09-30-2012 09:17 PM
  11. zonezone2's Avatar
    I think white & silver as like as the apple style
    10-03-2012 09:31 PM
  12. MRSBROWN2006's Avatar
    Enjoying my white and silver.

    Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
    10-03-2012 09:44 PM
  13. PlainEnvelopes's Avatar
    But my name on the wait list, at target, tonight for black slate. Shortest wait list I could find. The apple store in my city is insane.
    10-04-2012 10:40 PM
  14. thewolfsage's Avatar
    I used to not care what color iPhone I got since I like both the black and white iDevices. Then I saw the Darth Vader black iPhone 5 and knew right away that I was the color I wanted.
    10-04-2012 11:33 PM
  15. RG13's Avatar
    i would love to have both and just swamp them around but i cant get both so i got the black & slate
    10-05-2012 05:27 PM
  16. michikade#AC's Avatar
    I got the white. I didn't really care either way because I'm a case person.

    Right now it's in a white case but I think I'm gonna go shopping for a new one this weekend.
    10-06-2012 12:27 AM
  17. salscott's Avatar
    Black and slate...loving it
    10-06-2012 12:46 AM
  18. iDom74's Avatar
    When I reorder, it will be White have now seen a few black / slate iPhone 5's and they seem to mark a fair bit. White less so.

    So yeah - White!
    10-07-2012 02:53 AM
  19. GreatNeal's Avatar
    Oh my, you poor things still haven't been able to get your hands on it?!
    Black & Slate is awesome man. Makes me feels so classy and awesome!
    White & Silver I saw it. It's pretty awesome too. Just that I prefer darkness to vibrant for this. xD
    10-07-2012 05:40 AM
  20. nite732's Avatar
    Rocking my white and silver.
    10-07-2012 08:37 AM
  21. Crisdean's Avatar
    For me the only colour is black. Went to the Apple Store in Glasgow today and had a play with it. It looks gorgeous and is soo light and fast, even on Wifi. I will put an order in once my funds are a bit more permitting. Was sceptic about the size but all not that bad.

    Black for me. Although the white/silver one looks nice. But I consider that a woman's phone colour
    10-07-2012 02:51 PM
  22. CandyBean's Avatar
    I usually like my electronics to be White. But this time, I think the Black/Slate looks so much better! HOWEVER, had to go white/silver because of so many people complaining about scratches with the black one.
    10-09-2012 02:06 PM
  23. Heckler's Avatar
    Walked into Best Buy today and BAM!, there were two 32GB iPhone 5s available. Was really trying to decide white or black but in the end, decided on black...
    10-15-2012 12:12 AM
  24. anon4783121's Avatar
    Black and slate for me! I had a white 3GS but moved to black on the 4. You know what they say about what happens once you go black.... haha!
    10-16-2012 01:39 PM
  25. mohawk apple's Avatar
    black/slate 64GB for me last night
    10-16-2012 06:03 PM
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