1. floydstyle's Avatar
    Just called Rogers and the lady told me that I'd have to pay 154$ to upgrade my wife's iPhone 4 but actually 71$ to cancel the line.

    That same lady was speechless and had nothing to add after I told here I'd go with another carrier. Looks like that's what I will do!

    Anyone with Telus near Montreal? North banlieue. What kind of reception you guys have?
    09-12-2012 05:43 PM
  2. GMah's Avatar
    My GF had a lot of trouble with telus on her 3GS, as far as losing signals outside on the streets (Rene-Lvesque, sainte-Catherine, st-Denis) and telus sed to tell her that it was because of the buildings that were making interference....

    That said about a month ago she updated to the 4s and has yet to experience any problem (the 3GS had problem daily not to say every hour or so)
    09-13-2012 05:48 AM