1. Jeremy's Avatar
    I guaranteed you all it would be called the iPhone 5. It is and always was painfully obvious

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    Well you had a 50/50 chance. But again, you may be surprised. (and I know nothing about the name)
    09-11-2012 10:27 PM
  2. awecoolgirl's Avatar
    Yup.. iPhone 5 for sure... I have insider info! lol
    09-11-2012 10:51 PM
  3. DaPhoneking's Avatar
    As matter of fact, the number "5" is just the shadow of "12", so we can not confirm the new generation iPhone is iPhone 5, maybe it was iPhone 4SS.
    Lol heh. If they make a blue version it would match my Impala SS.

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    09-12-2012 12:31 AM
  4. Lordshakti's Avatar
    don't care... it could be the iPhone stupid and I'm still buying it... how many 4s owners actually differentiate that it's the 4s from the 4, usually the question (at least posed to my wife) is "is that the one that's got siri?"
    09-12-2012 11:27 AM
  5. Lordshakti's Avatar
    I purchased the new iPad and when I was doin so..no retailer of the local market cud recognise it as THE NEW IPAD...everyone alled it iPad3..so dnt matter what the call it..its gonna be the iPhone 5 for us..

    By the way I wnt it officially b called ANYTHING OTHER THNTHE NEW IPHONE..n ice cream or sandwich kinda vague names Tht android gives..

    Hvn my fingers crossed
    09-12-2012 11:30 AM
  6. Shooter03's Avatar
    And as I had said all along it's called THE IPHONE 5!!!
    09-12-2012 04:08 PM
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