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    Cuz bb is mainly for the corporate world. Nobody gives a **** about it.
    Now its the iPhone and Android both employing NFC.
    and its like 90% of the market.
    and that most of us have a phone
    This means that shops would have to accommodate us by introducing NFC compatibility to gain business.
    This is how the world works man (: consumers are already the priority
    You clearly don't follow the world market at all. BlackBerry is doing bad in north America, but everywhere else it's booming. It's the highest sold brand in Africa (yes the entire continent) and is emerging in markets like china and India. I was a 2nd year student and my phone was a blackberry 9700. I'm not a corporate person, I just used a phone to let me keep in touch with my friends. You may not care about it but the world market does and that's more important.

    Also, no one really cares about NFC and even if Apple start pushing out the feature, I don't see millions of businesses switching their machines for NFC capable transactions. PayPass has been around for a long time now and I still have probably used it maybe 3 times? it'll take a lot of time for Apple to introduce this feature because just like the LTE radio in iPhone 5 they could have put it into 4S buy they decided the technology is still small, but right now many places offer LTE soo a company cannot change the way people live, it's the other way around.

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    09-01-2012 11:13 AM
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    NFC can be used for so much more than just making payments. When you don't have it, you don't realize its potential. So when you find out that the new iPhone won't have it, who cares because you've never had the opportunity to see what it can do. But NFC really is a powerful technology. Sure, making payments is one obvious use, but there are so many more. The near field cards that you often use to gain entry into various doors of office buildings are a similar technology. But that's just another big fat card you have to carry around. What about the near field key fobs that you need on your keychain to start your car and gain keyless entry? Similar. Credit cards have it already and the technology is already there. Every seen a 'Pay Wave' terminal?

    I have a bunch of 'Smart Tags' that are basically small chips on a white paper sticker. The tag gets programmed to do anything your phone does. Just 'tap' the tag with your NFC phone, and the pre-programmed feature or macro runs. For example, I get in my car after work, 'tap' the tag on my dashboard, and a macro runs that opens the traffic app, determines the best route for me to get home, estimates my time of arrival, and sends my wife a text message saying I'll be home at about 6:13. It's generally good for +/- 5 minutes. When I get home, I 'tap' another tag to turn on the wifi, turn off the bluetooth, and change my sound profile. Pretty basic stuff really but it really makes a lot of difference when the basic things that you do every day are just automated by a simple 'tap'. I'd love to be able to 'tap' a tag when I come in the door to turn up the A/C or furnace and flick on a few lights and whatevery else I do every day when I come in.

    NFC is alos used to share information between devices, not just money. Sharing photos, contact information, music, websites, anything you have on your phone. The new Galaxy S3 commercials show this effectively.

    Using NFC to making payment on your phone is a VERY limited application. But, having said that, digital currency is a bit far away but its being worked on now. The MintChip Challenge Imagine being able to trade digital cash between two devices without any 'cloud' involvement. No banks, no Apple, no Google, just straight cash from one person to another. You touch your phone to mine and we just traded $2.60 for that coffee I bought you. There's no line item that shows up on my bank statement and Google doesn't have to send me an ad about the new coffee place around the corner. There's no privacy concern whatsoever because there was no cloud. It's like taking a $5 bill out of your pocket and handing it over.

    I'm quite disappointed that Apple is not going with NFC. I've always joked (kind of) that NFC won't really take off mainstream until Apple invents it. Since they don't seem to want to invent it yet, seems like we'll have to wait till the next iteration. If I were an iPhone user, I would be disappointed.
    09-03-2012 01:25 PM
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    Here is a perfect example of what I mentioned.

    HID Global launches Secure Identity Services for provisioning and managing NFC credentials | CrackBerry.com

    If Apple really wants to get into the business world, they should embrace these things. Maybe they are just having technical difficulties having NFC work through iTunes like everything else.
    09-07-2012 03:04 PM
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